05 May 2010

An Actual Post about Baseball

In honor of our AWESOME win against West Plains last night (10-0 if anyone was keeping score - and WP is way bigger than us so that's a double bonus), I decided it was time to actually honor the title of this blog and post some baseball things.
As a Baseball Wife, I guess I need to be more aware of our team once in awhile.
My bad.
I wasn't actually at the game - someone has to stay home and push-mow our entire acre of land so we don't look like "those" kind of neighbors - but M was pretty excited for the whole five seconds I saw him last night. He rushed home after the game to get laundry detergent (don't ask) and then he ran back to the school to do stats, and apparently, laundry.
I'm not sure what time he got home. I like to be asleep sometime before midnight.
Anyway, I hope you like these pictures. They were taken by Scott Kimrey, a dad of one of the baseball players. I wish I could take credit for these great shots, but Scott is the professional. He's been taking pictures all season long, so this is a collection of shots from the past couple months.
M explaining how the game is played. Sometimes I think they forget.
Tyler Hunt (great pitcher, awesome catcher!) warming up on the mound. Lord knows what they're laughing about. And Lord knows I probably don't want to know.
M explaining the game again. He likes to talk with his hands.
Before the game huddle.  
I love this shot! They look so dedicated. And dirty.
Tyler Lavely. Great pitcher, great kid.  
Tyler Hunt trying not to get tagged out at first. He makes it look so easy.  
JV team - great picture!
They like to congregate on the mound and watch the pitcher warm up. It's apparently fun to make Grant nervous right in the middle of a game.
M has district seed meetings today, a game tonight, sports banquet tomorrow and another game on Friday. One more home game next week, and then districts start.
And people wonder why I never see my husband.
If you want to see the website M put together for the team, click HERE. He even included a handy little stats key for people like me who have no clue what things like "OBP" and "SLG" means.

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Mel C said...

Awesome shots of the boys!!