30 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 8

I would like to take this time to officially thank my husband for removing the Breadstick of Non-Paleo Gluttony from my salad bowl at lunch yesterday. Because of that, I have been 100% paleo for one whole week.

However, I did have a very vivid dream last night, in which I was drinking a Diet Coke straight from the can. That was weird in itself because one, I prefer a glass with ice, and two, even in my dream I knew it wasn't paleo, and my subconscious felt guilty.

I'm so weird.

This time last week I was planning on starting this challenge, so I wanted to look back on a couple things I've learned and struggled with during Week One:

1. Plan ahead. If I don't have pre-cooked meat, pre-cut veggies and fruit or pack my lunch for work, I'm just setting myself up to be tempted to run through a drive-through or speed-dial Papa Johns.

2. I'm going to have massive swings in energy, cravings and headaches. Deal with it and move on. And by dealing with it and moving on, I mean cry and whine to your spouse every waking moment of the day and pop Tylenol Severe Headache like M&Ms.  

3. Eat enough. I ate more yesterday than I have in three days, and the scale was down 1.2 this morning. But of course, I'm not weighing myself until this is over. For real. I promise. Maybe. 

4. Get friends and family involved. Matt keeps me on track whether I want him to or not. It's the "or not" moments that are the most important, even if I want to bite his head off. 

5. Plan your workouts and rest days. I made all four CrossFit sessions I was planning on going to, and I left it all on the floor. Literally. It's fun doing push-ups with sweat streaming through your contacts onto the floor beneath you. 

I had to work today -  and what I thought was going to be a pretty non-exciting day turned out to be fairly hectic. Just a simple visit to drop supplies off at a house turned into a two-hour transfer to the Hospice House. You never know what's going to happen each time you knock on people's door.

Anyway, I didn't eat lunch since I wanted to get to my last visit, a new admission. Those take quite awhile, but I wasn't feeling particularly hungry at that point.

Enter the patient's front door. They start offering me homemade meatballs (this was a for-real Italian family, by the way), Dunkin' Donuts, coffee, Diet Coke....the smells coming from the stove were nothing short of amazing. My stomach immediately started screaming at me, and I hadn't even started the visit yet.

Holy. Mother. Of. God.

Italian food and donuts? Together?

I keep dreaming of my first "cheat" food once I'm done with this challenge. Pizza and donuts. And Diet Coke. All together. In five minutes.

I get my sweet tooth from my Mom's side of the family, and my pizza/cheesy/pasta tooth from my Dad's.

I'm screwed.

However, I did resist. I sat in that house for a good 2+ hours smelling all the smelly goodness, and only took them up on their offer of coffee. Black.

I deserve a freaking medal.

After the visit I literally ran to my car and started shoving baby tomatoes and chunks of watermelon in my face like it was my last day on earth.

The cars at the stoplight next to me got to see a real treat, let me tell you. Nothing like a starving nurse to make you stop and stare.

So onward. Keeping on, keeping on. I printed out more recipes from Civilized Caveman, and I desperately need to try them to keep myself entertained.


Breakfast: Coffee with unsweetened almond milk, pumpkin pancakes

Lunch: Black coffee at my patient's house.

3:46 pm: Baby tomatoes, watermelon, cold sliced flank steak dipped in my BBQ sauce - I'm weird. I like cold sliced steak or cold chicken for lunch. It's also so easy to eat when you're on the road.

Dinner: Another Civilized Caveman recipe: Zucchini Almond Saute. Think Thai noodles in peanut sauce, except for noodles, it's zucchini and instead of peanut sauce, it's almond butter sauce. Sweet and spicy, my favorite.

And sorry if I'm starting to sound like a commercial for the Civilized Caveman...his recipes are just so easy and so yummy!! Remember, if it's underlined/highlighted, you can click on it to go to the website.

Snack: Apple and almond butter. Still have my Fuji's left over from Friday's Farmers Market raid.

I also made some homemade guacamole last night - my own creation.

Two avocados, scoop out and mush. Add some garlic powder, lime juice and chopped tomatoes. Stir. Eat.

Preferrably not on tortilla chips, of which 6 lbs currently reside in our cabinet to take to the Walters Family Reunion over the 4th of July. Yes, 6 lbs of tortilla chips. It's something to behold. My guacamole, I'm telling myself, would be awful on chips. Instead, it's quite tasty rolled up in ham or turkey slices, or on raw green/red/orange/yellow pepper chunks.

Or just with a spoon. That always works well too.

Today I love: My sweet baby sister! She officially turns 30 today, and I've already welcomed her into the "29 Forever!!!!" club. I love you, Sissy! Happy Birthday!! 

29 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 7

Happy Saturday!!

We got up early to go try out some paddleboards with Orchid Island Bikes and Kayaks...the same place I bought my bike, if you remember.

It. Was. Awesome.

We went out with every intention of being in the market to purchase some paddleboards. But you know what surprised us? How much we loved the kayaks!

So much so, we ended up going straight to the store and buying two.

Mine is Mango.

Matt's is red. It won't be in for a couple weeks, but we officially have our Florida water transportation! They are ultralight Hurricanes, open tops.

So 1) I can lift them since they're only 33 lbs and I do CrossFit.

And 2) The open top won't mess up my tan.

All important things to consider when making major purchases, right?


  • Black coffee, pumpkin pancakes (raw pumpkin, wisk in some eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg)
  • First out-to-eat experience on the Challenge. Restaurant: Mulligan's. They have a lot of seafood, so I planned ahead to eat some...seafood. Had an excellent salad with cucumbers, tomato, all sorts of different types of lettuce and a huge piece of grilled Mahi. Used a little oil & vinegar, and it was a paleo-approved lunch.
  • Not sure yet. Depends on if we go to the store or not today...but I could really go for some more of Matt's grilled chicken with my homemade paleo BBQ sauce. This time I refuse to let the dogs get it!
WOD: Rest day, but actually got a decent little arm/ab workout using the kayaks and paddleboards this morning. Score. 

Paleo Website of the Day: http://nomnompaleo.com/

CrossFit Website of the Day: http://amrapstyle.com/ - BEST site for the cutest CrossFit gear! Yes. Crossfit can be cute. 

Today I love: Outdoor water sports and meeting up with some sweet friends for lunch on the water. 

28 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 6

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 6
Weight Loss: - 3.6


I want Taco Bell.

In all of my 32 years of existence, I swear to you, I’ve never wanted Taco Bell. Ever. It’s gross. It’s nasty. I about threw up reading Fast Food Nation’s account of Taco Bell behind-the-scenes. You do NOT want to know where their meat and refried beans come from. 

But when I was out seeing my patients today, I drove by one and automatically craved something cheesy and gooey and non-paleo. I'd eat dirt if it came wrapped in a tortilla right now. 

And I’d give my right kidney for a Diet Coke.

And I’m getting tired of bacon.

I know!! Sinner. I'm such a whiner today. 

So what did I do? I ate my lunch at 11:06.

Then I was starving again by 2:04.

So what’s a girl to do?

You raid the local Farmer’s Market and get four Fuji apples, two zucchini the length of your arm…and about 16 lbs of baby tomatoes, most of which you eat straight out of the plastic sack as you drive to your next patient’s house.

Came home starving, ate a couple spoonfuls of almond butter, went to Crossfit.

Now I’m home and there’s a huge flank steak waiting for me on the counter. Matt grilled himself some burgers, and I’m about to tear into some red meat like no one’s ever seen before.

I know I haven’t been eating enough to support my workouts the past couple days, and I can definitely tell it’s catching up with me. I thought I was past the whole “I can’t stomach proteins one more day” phase, but I guess it hung on a little longer. But after my workout tonight, I’m ready to eat that whole steak with my bare hands. I also need to be better about drinking more water - Florida is RIDICULOUS right now. Heat index of 105 while I was rowing and running tonight. Um, no thanks. 

But seriously, tomorrow is Day 7. DAY 7!!! One whole week of pure paleo. I'm kinda proud of myself. Today was the first day the scale showed a gain, and everyone at Crossfit is telling me to throw the stupid thing away. Weigh and measure Day 1 (I did, plus pics), don't weigh/measure/pics again until the challenge is over. 

What do you think? Can I break my scale obsession? Surely it's not going to be as painful as breaking my Diet Coke addiction...

Today I had:

  • Black coffee, bacon, scrambled egg (half of which went to the dogs, ick), tomato slices

  • Plain grilled burger, watermelon, raw macadamia nuts (no Taco Bell!!)

  • Baby tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market, two spoonfuls of almond butter before CF

  • A monster flank steak, steamed veggies. Seriously. Matt is going to be scared after watching me pack this away in about five minutes. 


Pause back squat 5×3 (2 to 3-second pause at the bottom)
5×2 push press, heaviest possible

3 sets, each for time -
Row 500 m
Run 400 m
- recover between efforts

Paleo Website of the Day: http://fastpaleo.com/

CrossFit Website of the Day: https://www.wodaddiction.com/ - so cool!

Today I love: CrossFit friends! The picture is way blurry because we couldn't hold our arms still after push presses and rowing. I know. Weak!!!

27 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 5

Weight Loss: - 4

I ate eggs for breakfast.

I know. I KNOW!!! I hate eggs. But I had three hard-boileds left over, and I woke up starving. So I turned them into a nice little egg salad (mush eggs with fork, add paleo mayo, mustard, a little S&P, some paprika) and ate it with my bacon.

I also ended up using yesterday as a true rest day, and woke up feeling awesome this morning. After not eating a lot on Day 3 and not really wanting much until just around dinner yesterday – pretty much just ate my watermelon chunks for lunch - I didn’t want to push it with a workout. I’m a passer-outer, and I just didn’t want to embarrass myself like I did during my very first CrossFit Fundamentals class.

Yes. Almost passed out during my first session back in March. Ugh. I'm so weak. 

However, halfway through the day yesterday, I got a weird burst of energy. No coffee, no sugar, no anything. I just felt clear and happy and energized. I got an amazing amount of work done with my patients, and I also had a student nurse shadowing me. Sometimes explaining every little detail of your job over and over can be exhausting, but I felt like I was bouncing off the walls showing this poor girl every aspect of what I do.

Hopefully I didn’t scare her away…I think she’s going to make a terrific nurse, and she was surprised to find out that Hospice isn’t, in her words, “doom and gloom.” Note: It's ok to make your cancer patients smile and laugh!! 

I was hungry for dinner last night, so I’m hoping this shaky-not-eating-headache phase was a 24hr thing. The Splenda has officially left the building. 

So what happens when you’re hungry for dinner? Your husband grills a WICKED chicken, you make your homemade paleo BBQ sauce, everything is awesome and delicious…and your dog sneaks half the chicken off the plate when you’re not looking.

Of course.

It’s my fault for having a dog large enough to reach the ceiling fan.

In any case, I’m glad my energy is back. Rest days are awesome.

Plan for today:

  • Black coffee
  • Bacon
  • Paleo Egg Salad (my fav mayo recipe is here)
  • Plain grilled hamburger
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber slices
  • Not sure yet. We have some pork and a flank steak in the freezer, but the grill ran out of propane last night. I could go for a good flank steak and the rest of the steamed veggies from last night.
  • Apple with almond butter. 
Eeeek!! I'm almost out of almond butter. We might be heading towards a meltdown...

Also - that BBQ sauce I made last night? (Recipe here, in case you missed it) It was awesome. It wasn't your traditional smoky, molasses BBQ flavor, but it was really good. If you decide to make it, just letting you know it is thick and makes a lot. A LOT. I also only used half of the cayenne, because once again, I'm a lightweight. Even with half of the recommended cayenne, it still had a major bite. If I ever make it again, I'll probably leave it out. I also used my immersion blender in the pot because I'm lazy that way. Less things to clean. 


For time -

18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of

Dumbbell snatch 55/35, alternating
Abmat sit-ups

Paleo Website of the Day: http://balancedbites.com/ - I have one of her cookbooks, and she does a 21 Day Sugar Detox. Maybe that will be next!

CrossFit Website of the Day: http://www.crossfitobsessed.com/2012/10/21-steps-to-crossfit-obsession.html - hilarious, true for any CF newbie! Note: some language.

Today I love: Green apples and finding ways to eat eggs without them actually resembling eggs.  

PS: I know a lot of you are on my email feed to get my blog updates. If you're tired of me flooding your inbox, let me know and I'll take you off the list, or just click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the emails. OR...if you want to be on the email list, let me know that too! Just send me your email address and I'll add it right in. Thanks! ~ A

26 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 4

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 4
Weight Loss: -3.6

I. Feel. Like. Crap.

Nauseous, shaky, grumpy, restless, weak, tired. Massive headache. 

I think this is the part known as the sugar/splenda/processed food detox.

I’m an absolute treat to be around right now. Just ask Matt. 

It hit me around noon yesterday. The hard-boiled egg whites I packed for lunch? Nope. Didn’t happen. I took one look at them and wanted to throw up. All I ended up eating for lunch was my plain grilled burger and my nectarine, and that was plenty. Plus lots of water. LOTS of water.

I don’t even like eggs, and I don’t know why I try to force it. They are officially off the menu, starting now.

Food just has no appeal at all right now. I know I have to eat to get through the day and for my workouts, but it all just seems so gross.

However, I’m craving the most ridiculous things, like Crystal Light pink lemonade. Pure chemicals, but oh so sweet and tasty. Cookies don’t sound good, neither does pizza. But man, I could go for some Crystal Light. How weird am I?

Don’t answer that.

But I'm not going to give in. Hold me to it.

My burger/nectarine lunch ended up settling well yesterday, so Matt grilled some extras for me last night to last the rest of the week. He also ate my last nectarine. Good thing he’s cute or he’d get a punch in the face.

That’s the shakes talking. I’d never punch him in the face. Maybe.

He did replace the nectarines with a watermelon the size of a toddler, so guess what’s going to be all over my menus for the next ten years?

Plan for today:

Breakfast - I don't feel like eating anything. Anything. Nothing sounds good at all. But I know I'll be hungry later, so I'm pre-making a couple slices of bacon and taking a banana to work. I have meetings this morning, and I usually get snacky in the middle of it. We'll see. Ugh. 

  • Plain grilled hamburger
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber slices
  • Grilled pork or chicken, whatever thaws out first.
  • Beasty BBQ Sauce for the meat – interested to see how homemade BBQ sauce turns out.
  • Steamed veggies – There’s a mix in the freezer of mushrooms, water chestnuts, asparagus and carrots. Love me some asparagus and water chestnuts!
  • Apple with almond butter, of course.
WOD: - If I go. Wednesdays are typically my rest day, meaning I go out and run 3-4 miles after work instead of going out and lifting heavy things. We’ll see how I feel at 5:00 tonight. 60 wall balls is intimidating. I hate wall balls!!!

5×1 power clean of box (above knee)
5×1 rack jerk (behind neck, use racks)

For time -
100 m Prowler push 90/50
60 wall balls 20/14
30 clean & jerk 135/95

Midline -
3 sets of -
10 GHD sit-ups
10 glute-ham raises

Paleo Website of the Day: http://paleomg.com/ - love this girl! She has a new cookbook out. She’s snarky and hilarious and I think we could be BFF’s if we ever meet.

CrossFit Website of the Day: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/collette-debenedetto/from-the-couch-to-crossfi_b_3460332.html - great article my box posted a couple days ago. Worth a read.

Today I love: Tylenol severe headache with caffeine. 

25 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 3

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 3
Weight Loss: -2.6

Welcome to Day 3 of the PC! Still going strong, still energized.

Maybe because I've already had 238 cups of coffee this morning.

Black, of course.

Thank you for all of your sweet words through Facebook, Twitter and email. I seriously need you guys to keep me going – knowing you’re looking for my next post is part of my motivation to keep at it.

I’ve had some opposition about some things already this week - and it's only Tuesday! Ugh. I’m not going to go into it just because I realize there are just those people who live to make you feel bad about yourself…and it actually worked to my advantage: I was so upset that I ended up pushing through a powerful workout last night. I left it all on the floor.

Literally. My sweat was everywhere. Even parts of my shins from the box jumps.

Ugh. I'm so short. 

Anyway, when I got home, a thought came to me as I was dragging myself through the door from almost throwing up due to the Evil that is Burpees.

I’m doing this to prove the people wrong who tell me I can’t, but more importantly, I’m doing this to prove to myself that I can.

Boom. Take that, haters.

Yes. I just said "haters."

I think I need more coffee. 

So let’s keep going. Here’s my plan for today:

  • Black coffee, iced. It goes down faster that way. 
  • Bacon
  • Scrambled Eggs with diced tomato
  • Plain hamburger – my husband is amazing with the grill!
  • Cucumber/tomato/green pepper salad with olive oil and vinegar
  • Two hard-boiled egg whites
  • Nectarine
  • Leftover Spicy Pineapple Chili – this recipe seriously made an insane amount. Just so you know, this is probably going to be dinner for awhile. Matt won’t touch it because it has (gasp!) tomatoes and (gasp!) onions. How terrible, right?
  • Apple with almond butter – This will always and forever be my go-to snack. I’ve never really ever liked peanut butter, but I am a lover of almond butter, especially Justin’s Maple. To make it especially yummy, I use green apples. Tart and sweet. Kills my sweet tooth, which, believe me, is wicked. 
Tonight's WOD:

Back squat 5×5 @ 78%
Front squat 2×10 @ 50%,
3×3 Pendlay row

Three rounds for time of –

2 rope climbs (6 modified)
15 thrusters 95/65
25 double-unders (75 singles

Paleo Website of the Day: http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30/ - bare bones eating, discusses a lot of medical issues that correspond with processed foods and chemicals. The book It Starts With Food is the hard-copy version of this website. Next to my bible, this is probably the most highlighted and margins-written-in book in my house.

CrossFit Website of the Day: http://crossfitfreedom.com/what-is-crossfit/ - really good site that tells you what CrossFit really is. If you don’t want to read it all, definitely watch the Reebok CF video at the end. It’s awesome.

Today I love: Almond butter and my husband serenading me with "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on my piano at 7am then shouting, "Thank you very much! No autographs! No pictures please!" He makes me laugh, the nerd. 

24 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 2

The first day of my paleo challenge went well. Matt had a baseball tournament all day yesterday, so I was all hopped up on pre-fixing meals for the week and kept myself busy changing my blog template about a million times.

I did sneak a pear (gasp!) in yesterday between lunch and dinner. I was hungry, and the pears are going bad. I feel sorry for produce that has to get thrown away (here’s looking at you, avocados!!), so in part my snack was out of pity for overly-soft fruit.
What I’ve discovered: Black coffee isn’t as gross as I thought, especially if you use a high-quality brand like my beloved Caribou. However, strict paleo = running to the bathroom a lot. During the day, all night long. Super-fun when you’re driving around all day to your patient’s houses…I’ve now programmed every 7-Eleven in a 10-mile radius into my GPS.

I’m also preparing myself for the headache I’ll get from cutting myself off of Splenda cold-turkey. Fabulous.

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 2
Weight loss change: -0.8

  • Coffee with unsweetened almond milk
  • Sausage Bites from yesterday (sub raw honey in place of the sweetener in the recipe)
  •  A couple slices of bacon. Cause what's paleo without bacon???
  • Sliced ham and turkey
  • Cucumber/tomato/green pepper salad with olive oil and vinegar
  • Two hard-boiled egg whites
  • Nectarine
(My lunches might look strange during the week. I have to pretty much eat in my car as I'm driving between patient's houses, so my lunches tend to be of the finger-food variety. That's how I roll.)

  • Leftover Spicy Pineapple Chili - which, by the way, is one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth. A full pound of bacon? Um, yes please. I did leave out the jalapenos and red pepper flakes because I'm a lightweight, and the chili powder was just enough seasoning for me. This recipe is awesomesauce. 
  • Apple with almond butter

WOD (Workout of the Day):

5×2 Snatch off box (above knee)
5×1 Overhead squat, 3-second pause at bottom (use racks)

3 sets, each for time of -

20 calories on Airdyne (AKA “Satan’s Horse”)

15 burpee box jumps 24″
10 strict pull-ups

Paleo Website of the Day: http://civilizedcavemancooking.com/ - My favorite!

CrossFit Website of the Day: http://crossfitverobeach.com/ - My box!  (They actually just announced the 30 Day Paleo Challenge winner on the site yesterday. Pretty cool.)

Today I love: Bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. 

23 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 1


It’s been approximately 500 years since my last post on Easter.

That’s embarrassing. Embarrassing to the point of almost wanting to delete the whole blog and start over fresh.

But ain’t nobody got time for that.

So here we go.

What’s new? New job is going well – I love being a hospice nurse. Matt’s baseball season finished well – made it to round two of super-regionals, and now we’re in the middle of Legion summer ball. CrossFit hasn’t killed me yet, although I have had days where it’s impossible to climb the stairs or reach up to wash my hair due to a particularly ridiculous workout.

Speaking of CrossFit, that’s kind of the reason I’m motivated to write a new post. Matt and I are leaving in roughly 30 days for our 10th anniversary trip to St. Lucia.

We are very excited about this – we’ve never done a huge trip like this before. And yes, our anniversary isn’t until November, but being married to a teacher means you have to travel to exotic islands during the hottest part of summer, right smack in the middle of hurricane season.

Yes mom, we bought traveler’s insurance. J

So. 30 days and I’ll be living in a swimsuit for a week. That thought does wonders for my body image issues – wonders in the form of anxiety and panic attacks.

CrossFit has been helping with that. How can you hate how you look when you’re busy doing 115lb back squats? Boom.

In any case, my box (how CF people refer to their warehouse of sweat) recently completed a 30 day Paleo challenge. I didn’t register to do it – I didn’t feel mentally committed to diet changes at that point…I was more focused on getting double-unders and cleans down.

However, I did see results. People I knew who were committed to the challenge were literally melting away before my eyes, revealing their awesome CF muscles underneath. Uuugggghhhh, why didn’t I sign up?? Stink.

So I’m doing it on my own. Well, on my own with encouragement from all of you. For the next 30 days, until we leave for St. Lucia, I’m doing my own Paleo Challenge.

What is Paleo? The easiest way to explain it is this – eat how our ancestors did. No processed food, no sugar, no grains. Eat plenty of meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Here are a couple of my favorite sites that explain it in more detail:

This will be a challenge for two specific reasons:

1. Matt. Hands-down, my man does not want to eat things like vegetables without cheese. Or coconut flour. Or almond milk. However, he is the most super-supportive person in my entire world, and he’s ok with us cooking completely separate meals for the next month. Hamburger Helper for him, ground pork and apple sliders for me! And spicy pineapple chili. And roast with sweet potatoes and onions. Paleo is delicious, people!

2. 4th of July Weekend. We’re going to Alabama for a Walters family reunion, of which I’ve volunteered to bring the makings for s’mores. Just so you know, s’mores are decidedly NOT paleo. I will resist! I will sip my iced coffee with almond milk and enjoy the company! I will indulge in the watermelon I’m also bringing along! I’m just excited to see family that we haven’t seen in ages.

Living in South Florida kind of cuts you off from the rest of the country family.

So to keep myself on track, I’m announcing it here: I’m going to be posting EVERY DAY for the next 30 days my menus and workouts. I generally try to use Fridays and Sundays as workout rest days – Friday can be interchanged with Wednesday, depending on how sore and tired I am. If I miss a day of posting, this is where you come in – call me out on it! My menus might start to look monotonous…I’m a big fan of cooking a lot and freezing for leftovers. I’m going to include links to the websites for my favorite recipes…a lot of my favs come from http://civilizedcavemancooking.com/

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 1

  • Coffee with unsweetened almond milk
  •  Sausage Bites (sub raw honey in place of the sweetener in the recipe)
  •  Handful of red grapes

  • Leftover Paleo Meatloaf
  • Broccoli and cauliflower sautéed with bacon
  • Nectarine


Snack (if hungry)
  • Apple with almond butter

I’ve also taken measurements/weight/pictures…we will wait until waaaayyyy later to post those. No use scaring everyone right off the bat.

Thanks for your support and motivation!

Today I love: Caribou coffee and supportive husbands who won’t let me order pizza until after our trip.