28 June 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 6

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 6
Weight Loss: - 3.6


I want Taco Bell.

In all of my 32 years of existence, I swear to you, I’ve never wanted Taco Bell. Ever. It’s gross. It’s nasty. I about threw up reading Fast Food Nation’s account of Taco Bell behind-the-scenes. You do NOT want to know where their meat and refried beans come from. 

But when I was out seeing my patients today, I drove by one and automatically craved something cheesy and gooey and non-paleo. I'd eat dirt if it came wrapped in a tortilla right now. 

And I’d give my right kidney for a Diet Coke.

And I’m getting tired of bacon.

I know!! Sinner. I'm such a whiner today. 

So what did I do? I ate my lunch at 11:06.

Then I was starving again by 2:04.

So what’s a girl to do?

You raid the local Farmer’s Market and get four Fuji apples, two zucchini the length of your arm…and about 16 lbs of baby tomatoes, most of which you eat straight out of the plastic sack as you drive to your next patient’s house.

Came home starving, ate a couple spoonfuls of almond butter, went to Crossfit.

Now I’m home and there’s a huge flank steak waiting for me on the counter. Matt grilled himself some burgers, and I’m about to tear into some red meat like no one’s ever seen before.

I know I haven’t been eating enough to support my workouts the past couple days, and I can definitely tell it’s catching up with me. I thought I was past the whole “I can’t stomach proteins one more day” phase, but I guess it hung on a little longer. But after my workout tonight, I’m ready to eat that whole steak with my bare hands. I also need to be better about drinking more water - Florida is RIDICULOUS right now. Heat index of 105 while I was rowing and running tonight. Um, no thanks. 

But seriously, tomorrow is Day 7. DAY 7!!! One whole week of pure paleo. I'm kinda proud of myself. Today was the first day the scale showed a gain, and everyone at Crossfit is telling me to throw the stupid thing away. Weigh and measure Day 1 (I did, plus pics), don't weigh/measure/pics again until the challenge is over. 

What do you think? Can I break my scale obsession? Surely it's not going to be as painful as breaking my Diet Coke addiction...

Today I had:

  • Black coffee, bacon, scrambled egg (half of which went to the dogs, ick), tomato slices

  • Plain grilled burger, watermelon, raw macadamia nuts (no Taco Bell!!)

  • Baby tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market, two spoonfuls of almond butter before CF

  • A monster flank steak, steamed veggies. Seriously. Matt is going to be scared after watching me pack this away in about five minutes. 


Pause back squat 5×3 (2 to 3-second pause at the bottom)
5×2 push press, heaviest possible

3 sets, each for time -
Row 500 m
Run 400 m
- recover between efforts

Paleo Website of the Day: http://fastpaleo.com/

CrossFit Website of the Day: https://www.wodaddiction.com/ - so cool!

Today I love: CrossFit friends! The picture is way blurry because we couldn't hold our arms still after push presses and rowing. I know. Weak!!!

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