17 June 2010

Smiling About...

Pancakes and coffee for dinner with Grandpa.
Cami, my cousin's dog. The word "snausage" immediately comes to mind.
The second shelf under "Diseases" at Barnes and Noble.
Katie's awesome job of motivating me during midterms last week.
Making sure my mom had red lips in the drawing of my perception of "family" during Communication Lab.
Wearing scrubs for practicums even though we didn't have to. I feel like I'm playing dress-up.
Today I love: Umbrellas and passing what was an easier-than-I-thought-it-would-be Basic Skills Practicum.


Momma said...

Hooray for a blog post. I love hearing from you. Miss you, miss your blog posts. Signed - Proud mamma Carol, RN.

RCW said...

Yey sissy! I love my purple hair. I think that's just the change I need! :) I miss you!

Anonymous said...

ha!! That Barnes and Noble picture is hilarious! Until I'm stable in my marriage, I'd think of pregnant as just that. {kidding!, but it is a funny idea}