30 September 2010


Pharmacology test. Multiple clinicals. Fall festival in downtown Washington. Cupcakes down on the Central West End.
Just a few of the reasons I haven't blogged lately. Here's a rundown of my life the past two weeks...
I know you're super-excited.
Clinicals. My patient last week was under mandatory 72 hour sedation, so I got to see the wonders of propofol in person. The best part was getting to meet him this week...I shook his hand and said, "You don't know me, but I took care of you two days last week. You were a model patient. Very compliant." He laughed as best as he could around his trach and feeding tube. His wife was like, "Yes honey, don't you remember? You promised me a trip to Jamaica!" I really liked these people. My patient this week had MRSA, which means I sweated through my scrubs in about five minutes due to the requisite gown-and-gloves routine all day. You do what you need to do to get the job done, right?
I FINALLY got to go to the most fantastic falafal place in the city. You have no idea how much I've wanted to check this place out. Al-Tarboush Deli on the Loop - you have to try it sometime. It's Lebanese and absolutely falafaltastic. I just had it last week with my friend Teri, and I'm already craving it again. Note: unless you're into tight, crowded spaces filled with old church-basement folding tables, don't go for the atmosphere. But one bite into your chickpea-garlic yumminess, you won't even care that the walls are lined with hookahs and flavored tobaccos. Whatever. It's the Loop.  
Our plate of hummus (covered in tomato, onion and cilantro and drizzled with olive oil) and my falafal:
See? Doesn't it look like a classy place?
After our Lebanese dinner, I asked Teri if she was up for some dessert. You know, something to wash away the insane amount of garlic we had just consumed. She looks at me and says one word: "Cupcakes?" And in that very moment, Teri earned seventeen crowns in heaven. She introduced me to The Cupcakery, located in the Central West End. She got the Gold Rush (yellow cake with chocolate frosting), but I'm a vanilla girl all the way. My choice was the Celebration, mainly because of the pretty sprinkles.
This thing would feed enough people for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, but of course I finished the entire thing while watching my friend Mel on The Biggest Loser.
You know. For support. Then I immediately collapsed into a sugar coma and woke up just in time to get to pharmacology.

I hope Mel doesn't mind I borrowed this from her facebook site - I think she and Bob make a wonderful addition to this blog post. I was so excited to see her on national TV!!! And kudos on the cute sunglasses, my friend!
Today was my Pharmacology of Death Test #1. After half a bottle of TUMS and semi-serious thoughts of jumping into the Missouri river, I'm proud to say that I passed the test! Passed. Passed. That's all that matters here, people.
I think this calls for another cupcake.
Speaking of reasons why I need to be burning calories, I'm starting up my workouts and running again. I'm following the Body for Life workout plan (again), and then running 3-4 miles (again) every other day. I was so excited about my run today that I just had to text M about it.
Me: Just ran 3.11 miles in 29.47 minutes!!!! Yay me!!!
M: Just drove 3.1 miles in 2 minutes 57 seconds. Yay me.
See what I'm up against? Thank goodness I love him so much.
However, he totally gets the Amazing and Thoughtful and Totally Hot Husband of the Year Award for this text earlier today:
I'm gonna clean as much as I can tonight.
Those words are music to a wife's ears. Especially this wife who won't get home from a week of classes and clinicals 140 miles away until 7pm Friday night, and only have a small window of time to clean and organize the house before his parents arrive for the weekend. We are very much looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad W., but I really don't think they want to sit on a couch covered in Suka. And Knuke.
UConn prefers sleeping on Matt's pillow. Which he appreciates.
But who can resist this face?
Can you tell I miss my dogs?
I can't wait to see this face either this weekend.
Brace yourself for the hotness.
He matches our red kitchen well. I think I'll keep him.
Except for the whole "Braves" thing. That will continue to be a source of contention in our marriage.
I choose my battles well.

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