13 October 2010

Rescue Stories

Those of you who are even just a little bit remotely familiar with me know the number one cause I support.
Rescue dogs.
So imagine how excited I was to find this message in my inbox this morning:

Hi there Addie!

Just wanted to let you know that Knuke is our Rescue of the Week this week! You can see the story and pictures here:


Thank you so much for sharing his story. He looks like such a great boy. :)

Nikki Jeske
Co-Founder, I Love Rescue Animals
So in celebration of Knukie-pie being the center of attention this week, let's all help out the shelter animals everywhere. Volunteer at your local shelter for a day (or week. Or month. Or the rest of your life.), donate bags of food, cleaning supplies and/or leashes and collars. Write a check.
Or, most importantly, save a life and ADOPT A PET!!
Coming up in November I'm working with BFAS (remember the puppy mill rescue?) and their "First Home Forever Home" campaign - two whole weekends of campaigning for animal rescue and collecting food to go to local shelters and families in need who want to keep the pets they love. It's a national food drive - so even if you're not in my area, you can still help out!
Interested in volunteering? You can contact bfvolcoord@bestfriends.org. They'll put you in touch with their First Home Forever Home campaign specialist, and you're good to go! If you can't volunteer, I encourage you to stop by your local PETCO the first two weekends in November and make a donation.
The benefit?
Helping animals and local families, which in return gives you this incredible feeling I like to call "the warm fuzzies."
It's so worth it.
Do you have a great rescue story to share? Email me, post it in the comments section or send it to me on Facebook. I'll pick one (or all!) and post it on this blog!

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