25 February 2012


November? Was that really my last post?


Nothing like baseball season to bring this thing back to life, right? After all...

I am the Baseball Wife. So it's time for some more confessions from the bench.

Confession #1: I'm still a little homesick.

Our first baseball game was last night, and while I'm very excited about our new school and new team and not having to wear my ginormous poofy coat and mittens to spring ball games, it was a little sad to look out at the boys on the field and not know their names. To not know parents in the stands. To not have the people at the gate recognize me as the Coach's Wife.

I know I will eventually get to know everyone, but you know me and my patience level.

And if you're wondering, we won the game 12-10. And M still looks amazing in his baseball uniform. (You can follow the team on Twitter: @nfeaglebaseball.)

Confession #2: I had another patient ask me today, "You're from the North, aren't you?"

You mean hanging out with all my southern-drawly co-workers hasn't rubbed off already?

Confession #2.5: It officially feels weird to say "you guys," and I've found myself saying "ya'll" more and more. Not on purpose. It just slips out.

I've also said the phrases "All up in my business" and "Don't you be hatin'," which is usually followed by multiple eye-rolls from my beloved.

I know.

Don't judge me.

Or take away my English degree.

Confession #3: I'm afraid of losing my midwestern roots.

I particularly miss being able to order things baked instead of fried. This is seriously the land of All Things Fried in Butter and Fried Again. I also miss - now that it's baseball season again - the hometown feel of rooting for your hometeam...I'm lookin' at you, my sweet St. Louis Cardinals! It's all football and Saints down here. Yay...a sport I know nothing about. Fabulous.

Confession #4: I'm running the New Orleans Half Marathon next weekend and I haven't run in about three weeks.

What better way to get to know the area than to run all around it? It seemed like a good idea at the time... Between work and travelling and just plain not wanting to get out there and run, I've majorly slacked on this one. I'm basically in it just for the swag. I'll hang back and walk/jog it with the back of the pack - that's usually where the crazies hang out any way, so I'll fit right on in.

Once again. Don't judge me.


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Kayla said...

oh how i've missed your blog. welcome back!