25 September 2009

My Friday Night Looks Like...

Nothing says "it's Friday night" quite like having dinner at 8pm. Actually, let me rephrase that. Cooking dinner at 8pm.

Since all of our games have been rained out this week and today was our first sunny day in about a decade, Matt put in some major hours on the field. Practice let out around 6:30 and he just walked in the door from trying to fix the soaked field. By the look of his shoes, the score stands at Field: 1, Matt: 0.


Dinner at 8pm.

Plans to be back on the field at 8am accompanied by boys with four-wheelers and bags of Turface.

Our (hopefully) make-up game is at 3pm tomorrow, but there's a 30% chance of more rain for the afternoon in the forecast. I'm not telling him that - I don't want to add to the stress any more than I have to. I know, I know...I can't control the weather. But I can make sure my husband stays blissfully unaware until the last possible moment.

He's so cute and happy when he's at work on the field. If it's nice and sunny in the morning, he needs his morning of baseball work.

And I could use an empty house so I can clean. Ever since we moved the dog kennel out from under the carport into the backyard, we have dust and mud EVERYWHERE. I think it's time to move the kennel back under the carport for winter. Snow and rain mixed with three furry beasts is just not something I want to tackle every day.

Well, off to eat dinner, then take our dusty-cause-I-don't-have-the-heart-to-tell-the-dogs-to-stay-off-the-bed quilt out of the washer. Wonder if I could get the dogs to sleep downstairs in their crates? No chance, since Knuke is a big whiny baby.

Hopefully I can post about a wonderful game tomorrow!

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