21 September 2009

Incredibly. Nervous.

Fall baseball season is almost over. And I’m nervous.

I’m one of those coach’s wives who get irrationally crazy and spastic at baseball games. I can’t sit still. I fidget and twitch. I pace behind the bleachers. I stress myself out even if we’re up by 20 in the sixth inning.

I want to win. Badly.

Which we’re doing right now – we’re nine games into the fall season, and we’ve won all nine games. Easily. Most of our games have been run-rules, happily ending the game in the fifth inning (which gives me plenty of time to make it home in time for the season premieres of my favorite fall shows. Not that my mind is on other things besides baseball, of course.).

That’s right. We’re kicking butt. But like all crazy baseball superstitions, I cannot make reference to it. If I use the “U” word, we’re jinxed. My husband is a stickler for superstitions, even dropping hints that I shouldn’t come to a game if we’ve lost the last couple I’ve attended.

Yes folks, it’s apparently my sole presence that causes the upset. Not the fact that the boys suddenly forgot how to hit or catch a ball since yesterday. It’s me and my “I Love the Coach” shirt that’s doing all the damage.

Even with all these run-rule wins, I still get nervous. It’s like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I seriously try to have confidence, but I’m an incessant worrier.

(Which actually, I come by honestly from my mother-in-law. Even though she’s two states away, I know she’s sweating these games as much as I am.)

Friday’s game was stress beyond imagination. The opposition got a run right away and led the game through the first three innings. I wanted to scream. Then we pulled our heads out of our butts and scored eight runs in the top of the 4th. We ended up winning the entire game 10-1, but I still was stressed until the very last out.

Pep talk:

In case you can't tell, Coach is the one without the batting helmet.

Hopefully all this stress is contributing to some major calorie burning.

Just thinking about the tonight game and how bad I want us to win and keep up our streak makes my stomach churn.

Thankfully, I’ll be tucked away in my chemistry class until 9:30pm, blissfully unaware of what’s happening on the baseball field – unless parents decide to text me updates, which is what happened last week. Right in the middle of my anatomy test.

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