24 November 2009

Six married years old

Matt and I celebrated our six year anniversary this past weekend.

When I was little, I remember hearing my parents talk about "so-and-so have been married six years!" and I would think that sounded so old.

Annnndddd, here we are.

We actually had a fantastic weekend. We went into Springfield on Saturday to see Twilight (sigh...so good.) and finished up some Christmas shopping. Matt surprised me for dinner by taking me to Zio's - my favorite restaurant on the face of the earth. Mmmm, noodles.

Sunday night (our actual anniversary), we watched Hotel Rwanda since it was on TV, which lead to a spirited discussion about genocide and how people can be so stupid and cruel to ignore mass killings like that. It happened only 15 years ago...it amazes me that the world can just turn away and allow things like that to happen. When the movie was over, Matt said that there are probably ignorant people out there who think the genocide never happened - just like how some people think that the Holocaust never happened.


It makes me feel so sick for trying to plan vacations and spend money on silly Christmas presents that people won't even use a month from now - do you know how far a couple hundred dollars would go in the lives of the Rwandan orphans? And we think we need the latest iPods and running shoes.

Totally preaching to myself here.

I ask for $150 Asics for my birthday and buy myself a $100 iPhone while kids in war-torn countries have to sleep out in dirty streets with disintegrating clothing and no food or clean water. How completely selfish am I? I get so sick of myself sometimes.


On the bright side of things, we're leaving tomorrow after Matt gets out of school for the Smokey Mountains and a wonderfully long Thanksgiving trip to see all of Matt's extended family.

Tonight's goal: pack, bake two apple pies and wrap Christmas presents for the Alabama folk.

More important goal: to be thankful for all opportunities that come my way, gifts that are generously given to me and the circumstances I'm in. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, a paying job and clothes on my back.

And that is enough.

"I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11


Anonymous said...

Happy Six Years!! You are old! HAHAH!! :) JK.

I am totally with you. I worry about so many petty things when I could be so much more worse off! Makes me realize my many blessings!!


Erin Wilkins said...

Great post and a powerful reminder Sissy!