09 January 2010

Florida Obsession

Off season, how you make my emotions go crazy.

On one hand, it's fantastic to have time off together. On the other, a bored husband will either 1) drive you crazy, or 2) find creative ways to run up your credit card bills.

Mine likes to do a little combination of the two.

I got the heads-up one week before New Year's Eve. The next thing I know we're in the truck for 11 hours on our way to Pensacola to escape the single-digit temperatures of Missouri-turned-Antarctica.

Fireworks on the beach for New Year's? Wearing flip-flops in December/January? I'm in.

Even though Pensacola was only in the 60's while we were there, it felt like the tropics to us. Floridians were walking around with gloves and scarves while Matt and I ran around in shorts and t-shirts.

We got lots of "are you crazy??" looks.

Actually, those looks could have been the result of the locals finding out that we don't eat seafood. Ever. Even on the coast where it is shoved in your face in gleeful abundance. So if that makes us crazy, we embrace it wholeheartedly.

That brings up another thought, which completely takes me off topic of this whole post. I still can't fully bring myself to enjoy meat anymore. If it lived, breathed, had a heartbeat and a brain, I just can't justify eating it. It turns my stomach. It might also be in part because of my anatomy classes and fully realizing that every hunk of chicken or slab of beef is nothing more than a merger of muscle, tissue, flesh, veins and arteries. I can't bring myself to sink my teeth into that.

I bought a really fun cookbook off of Amazon called "Better than Peanut Butter and Jelly - Quick Vegetarian Meals Your Kids will Love." After a quick read-through, I'm convinced this cookbook is true to it's word. Quick, easy and so good! If you're interested in trying out a meat-free diet, I'd highly recommend starting with this cookbook. Yum.

Ok. Back to the main point of this post. While in Florida, Matt happened to see an infomercial on TV (#2 coming back into play from the "bored husband in the off season" list) for a workout program called Insanity. It's supposed to be a harder workout than P90X with the added bonus that you don't need any weights or equipment to do the workouts. The promise is a ripped, cut beach body if you follow all of the workouts for 60 days. Matt thought it sounded like the best thing ever, and even I was intrigued by the before-and-after photos the infomercial highlighted. (Completely real, I'm sure.) We talked about it and decided that if we got it we'd do it together, checking each day off on the wall-size workout calendar that came as part of the package.

Matt grabbed the phone and his credit card, I'm sure much to the glee of the infomercial people. That's marketing at it's best, people.

He ordered the program.

It came in the mail.

It's sitting on our counter, and I'm scared of it.

Matt's in Dallas right now for a baseball coach's conference and will be back on Sunday. We're planning on starting Insanity on Monday, and I'm very intimidated. I'll admit it - I'm a little weirded out about working out in front of my husband. I'd like him to think I'm stronger than I am, and I'm afraid his pre-conceived expectations of me are about to be dashed into little bits. I guess if anything, working out with him right beside me will only cause me to push myself and (according to the promise of the infomercial) burn through 600-800 calories in one workout.

I'm very excited about that part.

I'm going to try to post updates on our progress if I'm not too sore to type. If you don't hear from me in a week or so, call for medical help immediately.

So here we go. Me working out alongside my husband (the obsessive, perfectionist coach that he is) who has already told me he's going to encourage and push me to do my best.

I have a feeling that #1 in the "bored husband list" is about to rear it's ugly head.

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