12 January 2010

Insanity Day 2 - Plyo Cardio Circuit

You know that feeling you get after you run seven marathons in a row? Uphill? With multiple ankle weights on?

Yeah. Me neither.

But I would suspect that it feels very similar to how I feel right now.

Muscles I didn't even know I had are screaming out in agony. Sleeping last night was completely out of the question. Every toss and turn kept me wide awake cursing Shaun T and not caring if I ever get the ripped muscles and flat abs he promises.

4:45 came way too early this morning as my locked-up muscles and I attempted to get through day 2 of the Insanity workout. The dogs even looked away as I struggled to roll out of bed. It was that bad.

Coffee did absolutely nothing.


Today's plyometric cardio circuit made yesterday's fit test look like a kindergarten birthday party. After the warmup and initial stretches, my muscles loosened up and I was feeling pretty good. Jump squats, basketball drills, football drills...not too bad. Sure, it got my heartrate pounding and sweat was flying all over the floor, but I could keep up and handle the intensity.

Until the "four pushups, run it out (in pushup position), jump up, land back down (in pushup position), four pushups, repeat" sequence. For eternity.

Seriously. Not a joke.

I wanted to cry. My back and arms were already sore from yesterday, and I was supposed to do what?? With repeats!!

And it only got worse as I sat at my desk throughout the workday. I could just feel my back muscles stiffening up and my legs threatening to buckle every time I got up to use the copier. By the time I left work today I was reduced to shuffling across the parking lot like a little old lady who just got out of her arthritis support group.

Let's just say that on my way home from work tonight I got the following text from Matt as he did his workout:

"I hate Shaun T."

I walked in the door and Matt looked like he wanted to throw something through a wall. It made me smile.

Misery loves company.

The good thing is that Matt's sore muscles are the same as my sore muscles, so I know I'm doing the workouts halfway right. And you know what? It's only day 2. I know it will get better. Easier. I'll be able to follow along without looking like a rabbit on crack.

But right now I think I'm going to take a muscle relaxer and go to bed. This all starts again in the morning.

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lomo226 said...

Hylerical! I am about to do Day 2 myself. I am nervous as the Fit Test almost made me puke.
Your story made me laugh though....thanks!