19 January 2010

Insanity Day 9 - Done.

Not much time to write - tonight is begging for a bubble bath with a mindless and silly fiction novel since Matt is at a basketball game. So I'm going to write this blog in my very favorite way.

Bullet points.

Get ready.
  • Since tomorrow is weigh-in day at work, today I channelled my inner Jillian Michaels and had two last-chance workouts. Insanity (Pure Cardio) this morning and 3.5 miles with Knuke and Tina after work.

  • Two workouts equal more than 600 calories burned today. That better show up on the scale tomorrow.

  • Chegg.com is my new favorite website. It's like Netflix for textbooks - meaning my Microbiology text is only going to have a $66 rental fee rather than buying it for $197 from the school bookstore.

  • My SparkPeople Insanity support group is so great. Man, those people are nuts...in a "we all like to do crazy workouts until we can't breathe or walk" kind of way. Great support and motivation to get up every morning and face down Shaun T.

  • Nectarines are an insane $3/lb right now, but we couldn't resist. We eat them like candy. That, and my mini bananas. Oh man, I love those things.

Want to see what Knukie looks like after 3.5 miles? It's rather cute.

What a smooshie dog. He's tuckered out.

Off to bury myself in a book. And maybe some blackberry tea.


melc328 said...

HAHAH. I love it.. channeling your inner Jillian!! :) I had to channel her too... I was just not feeling a workout. SO TIRED, but I know it's worth it.

Very cool you have a Insanity Support Group on Spark People. I finally saw the infomercial for that, and I almost called right then and there, but I think we are going to wait a little bit to order them. Chris really wants to. But he was like, if you do that, and your BL dvd, you should lose a ton... WHAT?!!? AND... I can barely make it through my BL dvd combo.

Maybe... but I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier if I do that. I can't seem to get enough sleep when I work out.

Do you experience that?

Addie Walters said...

I've been going to bed at 9:30ish, usually to the taunting of Matt. He's a late-night guy, so 9:30 to him would be like going to bed at 6pm. :)

The workout definitely pushes you to your limits. There's no way you can complete it without having to stop and breathe a little - but then you just jump back in. The people on the DVD even have to stop and rest!

Let me know if you decide to do it. We'll compare notes. :)