14 January 2010

Insanity Day 4 - Cardio Recovery

After yesterday's near workout-meltdown, today's cardio recovery was a welcome change.

I actually was ready to get out of bed this morning. My sore muscles miraculously disappeared in the middle of the night and I felt energized and ready to go.

But as Shaun T. cheerfully explained, today's cardio recovery, while it might be at a slower pace and easier to follow, is still a workout.

I was dripping sweat in about five minutes.

During the workout, I started to wonder, what do I prefer? 30 squats in a row or balancing yourself in squat position for 60 seconds, followed by squat pulses for another 30 seconds?

My muscles were burning.

I would term today's workout as an LSB - long, slow burn - session. It combined intricate yoga poses with strength-building poses to maximize balance and muscle strength. My legs were shaking when we were done.

Seriously. You try holding the warrior pose for 60 seconds without falling over.

Then switch legs and do it again.

Then do it all over again, but this time adding in oblique moves where you bend the leg that's up in the air up to your shoulder so you can work your side abs. Switch and repeat. Without falling.

Yeah. It was crazy.

But it felt good to just stretch out and see how long my muscles could hold me in the air.

I really, really like this Insanity program. I like the fact that every day it's something different, and I'm not getting bored doing the same thing over and over.

I can't wait to see how Matt did with the yoga. I'm having so much fun picturing it in my mind.

On a more important note - as I'm typing this, our good friend Stefanie Hood is in surgery in St. Louis for her kidney transplant. We are going to try to go up and see her in the hospital this weekend, and we're just praying that her body doesn't reject the kidney it so desperately needs. We're also praying for a successful recovery for both Stefanie and her donor - what a selfless gift of life!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I would almost have to make sure I was there to watch Matt do yoga!! If it's anything like Chris... it's hysterical! LOL.

Addie Walters said...

I know! He's not exactly...graceful. :)