24 January 2010

The Good. The Bad. The Very, Very Ugly.

Well, it finally happened.

All this time I thought I was safe - getting up at 4:45 am to eek out my Insanity workouts at a time when no one, not even the dogs, could witness the spectacle.

Saturdays, apparently, have different rules.

I had everything planned out. Workout at 9am, do the dishes that had been sitting in the sink overnight (much to Knuke's delight), plan our next few weeks' dinner menus, go grocery shopping and then accompany my husband to an LHS basketball game in Mountain View. That was my Saturday.

But Matt woke up. Early.

Seriously, the guy usually sleeps until 10:30 on Saturdays. What in the world was he doing out of bed at 9am?

I had just put the Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs DVD in and was getting ready to push play when he came walking down the stairs. No way did I want him to see what I looked like in the middle of Heisman's and Level II Drills. Scary.

Under the guise of "what do you want for breakfast, honey?" I turned the power off on the DVD player and ran to the kitchen.

He followed.


During a pre-workout breakfast of pancakes (Made with soymilk! Snuck it in! Ha!) and turkey bacon, Matt decided we should do the workout together cause he wanted to go to the store with me.

Um, what? Shouldn't there be some sliver of privacy still left in marriage?

Apparently no. Big, big no.

He took one end of the living room, I stayed on the other.

Under the ceiling fan. No way should a girl sweat like I do in front of her man. It's ugly.

Halfway into the workout (got my HR up into the 190's again - yay me!) I remembered that this was the last day of week 2 of Insanity, which starts the addition of double workouts. After Pure Cardio, we go straight into Cardio Abs. 55 minutes of torture, made worse by the fact that my beloved could see just how many push-ups and suicides I cannot do.

But my high knees are higher than his. Ha. And I do prettier yoga poses.

But man, can he crank out the circuits. I was particularly happy to be behind him for several of the exercises. Yowza. Nice view. And the man can do push-ups like nobody's business. I'm jealous.

With Matt working out next to me, I found that it made me push a little harder. Did I want to impress him? Did I want to show him that I actually have been getting up and doing the workouts in the morning? Do I want him to think I'm strong and capable?

Yes, yes and yes.

That was all well and good until we got to the cardio abs part. It. Was. Miserable. You know how 20 minutes can seem like sixteen hours? Yeah.

We both collapsed on the floor in our respective places and dared each other to get up and turn off the DVD player. Neither of us wanted to get up. I seriously couldn't move. I felt like a truck had rolled over my midsection, then backed up over me. Then ran over me again.

That workout was so intense that, just an hour later, I almost had to cut our grocery run a little short because I got really dizzy and weak in the middle of the store. It was a little scary, but I made it through. Despite the shakes, I felt good from burning more than 600 calories in less than an hour. And a handful of almonds in the car on the way home helped. I've got to remember to drink a protein shake after each workout. When I don't, I want to pass out.

And why did Matt want to go to the grocery store with me in the first place? I thought he was being nice and wanted to spend a little time with the wife.

Turns out he wanted to monitor my spending.

Now that's love, folks. He's so romantic.

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Dianne said...

That was such a good post. I can picture it all - even the spending monitoring thing. You should be a writer on the side. Love you!