18 July 2010

Variations on a Summer Salad

I've studied for Pathophysiology Test #2 for three days straight (with a small detour to the St. Louis Zoo when family was in town yesterday) and now I need a break.
So what do I do when I need a break? Play with food!
Several of you have emailed/facebooked me asking if I'm "still vegetarian" while going to school and how it's going. The answer is yes, and it's going well. The thought of eating animal flesh still makes me gag. Nothing's changed there just because I'm in school...just so you know. The only thing that's really changed is my intake of Sunchips and chocolate. Let's just say that after a full day of patho and maternity/lifespan lecture along with clinicals, it's necessary for survival.
And for anyone who cares, Pita King at Union Station in STL makes a wicked falafel.
Going veggie is fun and yummy, especially with recipes like this one. It's awesome for summer and is packed full of protein and healthy fats. The original recipe is from my friend Stephanie...I hope she doesn't mind my variation on her version. I just had to see what would happen if I added an avocado. :)
Summer Bean Salad
1 can black beans
1 can corn
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 avocado
green onions
2 T olive oil
2 pkts Splenda
Drain the cans of beans and corn, dump into a large bowl. Cut up your peppers and onion and mix everything gently so you don't squish the beans.
LOOK!! This is the first time I have ever attempted to cut an avocado! And good night, those things are weird.
My sister's advice was to watch a youtube video on how to cut one, but by then the damage was done. I don't know how in the world you're supposed to cut nice, even slices - all of my  avocado "cubes" look more like "geometrical shapes from another dimension."
Once everything is mixed together, drizzle the olive oil and sprinkle the Splenda over the whole thing. Gently mix and put in the fridge. It's awesome as a side dish or - as I'm going to use it - for a light lunch between classes. I thought the avocado would make it a little heartier so I don't get hungry right away 30 minutes later.
The best thing to do is to make this the day before you need it - the Splenda/oil dressing really helps mellow the onion and bring all the flavors together. 
I also picked up some cranberry applesauce and some watermelon at the store. This is gonna be a goooood week!
Now I feel guilty for taking a break from studying...back to the books. Fantastic. 
Today I love: learning new things like how to cut an avocado and the fact that Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory Cards is the best purchase I've ever made in my entire life.


RCW said...

I'm a little concerned about your avocado browning overnight since you won't be eating it until tomorrow. Do you still have the big avocado seed? If so, just put it in the middle of your salad overnight and it will keep. Or, you can use a dash of lemon juice. Let me know how it tastes! Oh and try some fresh cilantro in it next time!

Rebekah Williams said...

Okay I just want to make this right THIS MINUTE!!!

And what? Clinicals? Hospital stuff? Are you going to nursing/med school? I'm out of the loop. Nathan needs to fill me in more often!