29 August 2011

Baby, it's Hot Outside

I should have been born into one of those cultures that keep their women all wrapped up from head to toe.

Seriously. I love my long sleeve t's, my jeans, my fleece pants, my hoodies and sweaters. And let's not forget my fuzzy boots. Oh, the fuzzy, fuzzy boots.

So it keeps scaring me a little every time I hear someone down here say something along the lines of "Our seasons? Well, we have a really hot summer, then we go into a regular summer for a couple weeks, then it turns back into the really hot summer again."

And if by chance there is even a hint of a chance of snow flurries, schools are cancelled for weeks.

Not really.

Just days.

I'll miss you, fuzzy boots and hoodies.

Maybe I can convince M to retire to Alaska.

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