09 October 2011

Knuke the Blue Fairy

First, let me say I have never, ever dressed our dogs up for Halloween.

It's not without lack of trying. It's because my husband thinks people clothes belong on people, and dogs are just fine and dandy with the fur God gave them.

But what fun is that?

What's fun is having ginormous dogs who don't fit into any dog costumes - even the XXL ones at PetsMart - and there is a Halloween pet costume contest three days away. Plus it's a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation, so this is a must...I mean, am I an advocate of oncology or what?

I chose Knuke as Contestant #1. He's the most laid-back of our dogs, and besides...M refused to let me dress up Suka. I was only allowed to send one dog to therapy after this.

So how to find an outfit that would fit?

Wal-mart toddler costume section to the rescue.

Only one problem.

All of the boy options are lame. I mean, what dog wants to show up as a spider or pirate? How original is that?

In a moment of creative glory, I decided to piece together the most wondrous of all costumes.

A blue fairy.

Knuke's official title on his entry form: Blue Fairy, Because it's Manly.

Wings, a tulle skirt, some birthday streamers and some creative stapling of elastic band and turquoise ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and you have yourself a manly dog Halloween costume.

M immediately started apologizing to Knuke.

What was a little frightening is that Knuke didn't seem to mind.

Saturday was the big day. Like I expected, it was mostly little teeny dogs prancing around as pumpkins and cheerleaders and banana splits.

I have absolutely nothing against little dogs dressed as pumpkins and cheerleaders and banana splits. I thought it was adorable.


Enter Knuke.

Gigantic, lumbering mass of a dog.

In a skirt.

Guess who won Best in Show? I was thrilled.

And if eye-rolling and groaning is any indication, M was thrilled as well.

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