22 December 2012

Springtime in December


It's been roughly five months since we've moved to Florida, and the farthest south I've been is to Ft. Pierce.

Where I work.

10 miles south of the house.


Y'all know I'm terrified of anything Miami. I have the Discovery Channel and their documentaries on the city to thank for that...guns, drugs and people staying out past 9pm?

So out of my comfort zone.

However, today, we decided to venture down to West Palm Beach, down the coast about halfway between our house and the end tip of the state.

The entire trip was prefaced by M stating, "You know you're going to see signs that say we're getting close to Miami. You think you can handle that? Will you be ok?"

Hahahahahaaaappppllllttthhhh. Jerk.

Despite the fact they opened cold shelters last night and everyone was in coats and parkas and boots, this former Missouri Girl thought the day was gorgeous and spring-like...I was so happy to see these less-humid, 60 degree temps roll in this morning. Now it feels like winter.

Objective #1 in WPB: Find the Cheesecake Factory. I've never been (Eeek! Gasp!) which is apparently a small sin in my family.

We found it. WPB has a sweet little downtown area called City Place, and the Cheesecake Factory was right smack in the middle.

This girl had a salad and a slice of low-carb cheesecake while watching M devour some monstrosity of peanut butter and chocolate that was one forkful short of sending him into a sugar coma.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we walked it off around City Place, which reminded me of a gorgeous spring afternoon walking around Delmar in St. Louis.

Speaking of, the best best best part of the day didn't happen until we were back in the car on our way home to Vero.

We stopped at a gas station in Jupiter.

Exciting, huh?

It was. Just hang with me for a second.

Jupiter, Florida. Home of Roger Dean Stadium.

As in my St. Louis Cardinal's springtime home. My Redbirds. My Cards. My boys in white baseball pants with tall red socks.

We made a U-turn in the middle of an intersection and went in search of the ballpark, which happened to be on the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

I went a little nuts. I love my Redbirds.

(Hence how my parents wrapped my birthday presents this year:)

M was kind enough to stop the car when he saw I was about ready to jump out just to get a couple pictures.

Very thoughtful of him, seeing how he's a diehard Braves fan and all.

I don't want to talk about it.


Best. Day. Ever.

And Redbird Bear (a sweet little Christmas surprise I found in the mail the other day from my mama) was along for the ride.

Today I love: Delicious low-carb cheesecake that tastes like the Real Thing, and feeling a little more connected to home down here in Southern Florida.

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