25 December 2012

Why I'm Ok with Working on Christmas

1. Holiday pay.

2. Just kidding. Kind of.

3. Jesus was born to save and to heal. I'd like to think I'm following in my Savior's footsteps today.

4. We don't have kids, therefore I'm able to step in for a co-worker who can now wake up and give her kids the magic of a Christmas morning without having to rush out the door to clock in by 6:38 am.

5. I have a job. I'm employed....something I'm very thankful for when thinking about the state of our country.

6. I can make someone happy who's sick today. Seriously - do they really want to be in the hospital on Christmas morning? Surrounded by strangers and beeping machines and hospital food? Really?

7. I can leave work tonight knowing I'm off for the next five days - Alabama, here we come!

8. No presents to open this year anyway - saving for a major 10 year anniversary trip next year. (Mutual decision, or did I get suckered into M's excuse not to shop??)

9. If you want to get technical, Jesus' birth was really in the spring. Or September, depending on who you ask.

10. M wants to celebrate the season by making tacos and watching E.T. Work gives me an excuse to get out of this. E.T. scares me to bits.

Merry Christmas, and please keep all of us nurses, EMTs, doctors, policemen, firefighters...my dad the funeral director... anyone who has to work on Christmas - to keep you safe and healthy - in your prayers!

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