12 January 2011

31 Days of Fitness and Kidney Stones

My 31 Days of Fitness reached Day 10 before it came to a screeching halt.
Kidney stones will do that to you.
Days 5-10 of Fitness consisted of walking 3.25 miles with my neighbors while alternating with JM's Yoga and Cardioblast at the Salem Fitness Center on Monday nights.
Day 10 ended with a trip to the ER at midnight in the middle of a snowstorm because I couldn't breathe due to the searing pain shooting through my left side. I was curled in the fetal position on the bathroom floor when M was like, "This looks exactly like when you had kidney stones on our honeymoon. We're going to the ER." So, we went to the ER.
After I changed out of my pajamas and put on deodorant and brushed my teeth, of course. I did wear my slippers though. Mostly because I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes, and also because we live in rural Missouri. On a normal day you'll see people wearing slippers in our local Walmart, so I figured I'd be forgiven in a hospital.  
Long story short - lots of fluids and painkillers as needed. Just like last time.
Now for something fun. M went out of town for a couple days to a baseball coach's conference, and I painted our bedroom!
We've been living in the dark dinginess of wood panelling for the past two years, and I've been wanting to paint it for, well, the past two years. But since we rent, we didn't want to put the money into it. Good thing our landlord owns the local hardware store...I went and asked permission to paint, and he practically threw the supplies at me. I offered to pay, but he said he was getting free labor out of it...and if I felt like painting any other rooms in the house to just let him know.
So I'm kinda guessing he didn't like the wood panelling either.

Oh yeah, and I rearranged the furniture too. Big surprise, huh? 

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