03 January 2011

31 Days of Fitness - Days 2-3

So I had a good, pure and holy reason all made up in my mind for why I didn't post my fitness results yesterday...something along the lines of "it's the Lord's day," or "honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy."
But I can't lie.
I was too involved in re-reading the entire Twilight series from start to finish. Start, being Saturday morning. Finish, being Sunday night.
Baz-inga! Four massive novels in two days. M keeps whispering "you're a freak" in my ear. And shouting it at me from the other room.
I love to read!! Nerdynerdynerd.
Anyway, I still made time to get Day 2 in.
Day 2 
Workout: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown
Location: My living room
Equipment: Yoga mat, Garmin FR60 HR monitor
Start Time: 7:30am
Total Time: 35:00
Calories Burned: 208
Average HR: 118
Max HR: 168
And today's - which was BRUTAL. Susie Cahill, you kicked my butt. Actually, you killed my arms. I can't reach up to wash my hair. That's how bad I hurt. And I really, really need to wash my hair.
Day 3
Workout: Cardioblast Class
Location: Salem Fitness Center
Equipment: Exercise mat, Garmin FR60 HR monitor, 3lb weights, 5lb weights, step block
Start Time: 6:45pm
Total Time: 01:05:00
Calories Burned: 682
Average HR: 150
Max HR: 184

How are the rest of you doing so far? Any fun fitness ideas?
"Fitness to me itsn't about a crunch or a push up. It's about taking your power back." ~ Jillian Michaels

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