11 February 2010

The One Before the Road Trip

Matt has finally stopped prancing around the house due to the Saints (unfortunate to me and all my Indiana family roots) win on Sunday.

Yeah. It was obnoxious.

I think the best part of the night was when Coach Glasgow decided to wear my Peyton Manning jersey just to annoy Matt. You should have heard him whine.

While not intentional, we kind of had a Colts side of the room (roughly about three of us) and the Saints side - the rest of the group. We were all making fun of each other's teams, which really made Matt's true Southern colors came out.

"Hey," he says. "Shut it or I'll show you what we do with mouthy women in the South."

Bring it.

I got my car out of the snow today by myself (and kitty litter). I have actual superpowers.

So now the celebrating of the Superbowl has ceased, but Matt's still dancing around the house.

It's almost baseball season.

Nineteen days until the first day of practice, to be exact.

The living room smells like rubber and electricity from tees and lights he's testing. Knuke has happily discovered the bucket of baseballs in the kitchen. I'm trying to ignore the infield drag mat that's taking up valuable space under the carport.

And the number one indicator that Matt wants baseball to start in the next .324543 seconds?

He buzzed his head.

I walked in the door from class last night and he just looks at me. Smiling. Which, of course, immediately makes me suspicious of everything. Did he do the dishes? Did he break something? Did something burn down?

He whips off his hat with a "Look!!! Look what I did!!!" It's like a second-grader who's proud of the booger he gave the girl in the seat next to him.

It just about had that effect on me. I can see his scalp. It's precious.

So he's putting on a hat and we're leaving for Alabama tomorrow. I'm telling his mother.

Actually, we're taking a mini-trip to see the 'rents since once baseball starts, we're tied to the house until the season is over (which is for two weeks in August if you count summer baseball). He was supposed to have tomorrow off school, but because of all the snow they're using Friday as a make-up snow day. We're looking forward to getting away for a little bit...it's hard to believe that a little over a month ago we were in Pensacola. It seems so much longer ago than that.

Wonder if his parents could ship in some sand and ocean for our visit? Maybe??

Also considering really - I mean really - getting back into the habit of Clean Eating. Since I can't keep doing the Insanity workouts or start training to run again for awhile, I want to do something that makes me feel good about my choices. I've been re-reading my CE books and found a couple of great CE blogs...I think it might be time to kick it back into gear. It takes more effort and planning, but I think it will be worth it.


Dianne said...

Buzz, huh? Can't wait to see that scalp tomorrow! Can't wait to see you both. They are predicting a "dusting" of snow for us tomorrow and 3-5 inches south of us, so no sand this time! Sorry! South of us? That just ain't right! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I would hurt me a husband for a shaved bald head!!! LOL.