24 February 2010

The One with the Discovery

Write scholarship letters. Mail the applications. Search for more scholarships. Study for microbiology. Get my suit ready for tomorrow's open house/tours event at the hospital. Mop the mud from the kitchen and bathroom floors from the guys who came over yesterday to dig around the house to see if we have a busted water pipe.

So much to do...yet we just can't stop watching The Office.

How have Matt and I not known about this show? Sure, we've heard about it, but we've never actually willingly sat down to watch it. We're almost done with Season Three, and it just keeps getting better and better.

I've come to the conclusion that staying up until 1am watching episode after episode of The Office with your spouse is good for your marriage. Laughing together so hard you cry - then laughing at each other because we can't stop laughing - is a good relationship builder. (Matt would totally roll his eyes at me if he knew I just said that.) Then being so stinkin' tired in the morning that we laugh about how we shouldn't stay up so late. But then we do it all over again the next night. It's like a vicious cycle of Office addiction that we just can't stop.

Seriously. We've watched seasons 1-3 for five straight days now. Is that sad?

Don't answer that.

Speaking of strange and weird things that you shouldn't admit to, I discovered something when I went to Sullivan on Monday night to have dinner with my parents.

I found out where I get my OCD tendencies. Now I know I come by them honest. And somehow, in the back of my mind, I always knew it stemmed from the Polish side of the family.

First, let me say that I love that grandpa lives next door to my parents. He used to live so far away in South Bend, Indiana, and now whenever I'm home to visit I can just run next door and say hi, and bring him back over with me for dinner. My parent's cats love love love to see him, and immediately jump on his lap when he sits down.

It's cute. See?

Anyway, I went over to grandpa's house to see if he was ready for dinner, and what I found made me smile. He, at 5:30 in the evening, was setting the table for his breakfast in the morning. Newspaper. Napkins. Plate. His pill cup, with his morning's pills nestled inside, ready to go. Coffee pot set up with water and coffee in it. Mug by the coffee pot.

Sounds excessive? Too much planning? Well...

When I got home that night, much to my chagrin, realized that yes - I had done the exact same thing. My coffee pot was full and ready to go for my 5:30 am coffee time. Mug and spoon out on the counter just waiting for me. My books (microbiology, Beth Moore, some fun fiction novels) were lined up in - not the order I need to read them - but by size and shape. And color.

And is it a little OCD if I re-copy my class notes over and over because I don't like how my handwriting was the first time around? Or the second? (Argh. Ok. Yes. And third.)

I know. You now think even more weird and strange things about me.

Want weird and strange and scary? I found this unfortunate picture of me and Erin over at grandpa's.

Ugh. What's with the perms and the black flowery dresses with the shoulder pads? It looks like we live in a funeral home or something.

Sorry sis.

Plans for this weekend? We're going to the Lake.

And we're taking seasons 4 & 5 of The Office with us.


RCW said...

Urgh. I hated those dresses- mainly due to the shoulder pads. What was mom thinking??


Anonymous said...

Your post seriously made me laugh out loud!! OMG!

1. Yes, staying up until one am with your spouse is good for your marriage, even if it is watching the Office. :)

2. Your grandpa is super cute!!

3. I'm glad I'm not the only person that lays out things for the following day the night before. :)