18 February 2010

The One with the Sweet Potato

I might, just might, be able to get to work on time if a gigantic dog wouldn't decide to lay on my lap during my early-morning-news-coffee-time.

It's just so hard to get out of the recliner with that cuddly lump of fur sound asleep on my legs. It's so warm and cozy...and literally hard to get out of the recliner. I think Knuke weighs 2947 pounds now.

Which reminds me. We stocked up on dog food while we were in Alabama. I freaked and started jumping around the in-law's living room when I saw a PetsMart commercial announcing 20% off dog food sales for President's Day, and I had a PetsMart gift card burning a hole in my pocket from my parents from Christmas.

Can you believe we don't have a PetsMart in Licking? Yeah. Me neither.

Momma W. put their little dog Sheila in her harness, I grabbed Matt's truck keys, and we went out to do some damage.

So this is what we came home with. It totals 178 lbs of dog chow, and you should have seen me pushing it around the store in the cart. I was just so excited to see that each bag was marked down to $19.95. Feeding three big dogs can get expensive...so at these prices, load me up, baby!
"Do you have a dog rescue?" one of the innocent little PetsMart employees inquired.

"Pretty much," said Matt, when I got back from cleaning out PetsMart's Purina supply and told him what the guy had said.

Hey now. Cheap shot.

We really had a great time in Alabama with Matt's parents. We didn't do much, but that was fine with us - down time is always welcome in our life. Throw in some naps and movies and that's the perfect weekend. We also like being able to visit their church. My father-in-law teaches a small group class and he always has some interesting insights into some Bible passage or verse that I've never considered before. And of course, my mother-in-law was just bursting to introduce us to everyone. Every. One.

The entire family went to Longhorn Steakhouse after church for a nice Valentine's Day lunch....along with pretty much the entire city of Huntsville. After what seemed like a 136 hour wait, we finally got a table. Then the fun started.

How in the world do you find anything vegetarian at a steakhouse?

You ignore your husband's eye-rolling and underhanded comments, lift your chin up high and tell the waiter, "I want that." That's how. And that would happen to be a gigantic garden salad with cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with a tangy-sweet honey mustard, along with a lovely and delicious baked sweet potato. With cinnamon, of course.

Matt had half a cow. Or pig. Or whatever Longhorn slaughters to get their ribs. Animal death. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

During lunch, Matt's brother Michael asked Matt, "So what did you get Addie for Valentine's Day?"

"She's quitting her job and starting nursing school in May. That's her Valentine's Day present." he responds.

I am so incredibly loved, people.

I'm actually floating pretty high right now. Last night in class we got our tests back that we took last week, and I got a 95% on the lab portion, and - get this - a 100% on the lecture part! I wanted to call my mommy right then and let her know that when she gets the test overnighted in the mail, it better be front and center on the fridge. I can't believe it! A 100% on a microbiology test. Sweet. Maybe I'm more inclined to the sciences than I thought I was.

Then again, I justified my degree in English for the sole fact that I love to read.

PS: Baseball starts in 11 days.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud vegetarianism!!

I didn't know you were going to nursing school.... That's awesome!! That's one of the many options we were looking at for me until Chris lost his job last summer.

Glad you guys had fun visiting Matt's parents... sounds like a great trip!