31 August 2013

On the Water

I'm one of those annoyingly cheerful morning people...usually. Minus the 4am-get-up-for-crossfit sort of situations.

But when it comes to being outside, I like to hit the water/pavement/trail as soon as the sunrise starts to pink up the sky in the early morning.

We made plans last night to get up early this morning to take the kayaks out, and we planned a tentative 9am departure. Matt told me, "Whenever you want to go, that's fine."

Did he ever rue the day he spoke those words.

So obviously, I was up at 5:30 with the dogs, made some coffee, did my devotional, cleaned the kitchen, worked on our September menu and grocery list, took a shower, repainted my toenails...then bounced on the bed at 7:30 to wake the Sleeping Giant.

Actually, I shoved a dog in his face. Licks up the nose always get you out of bed quickly.

After Matt completely woke up and got ready, we had the kayaks strapped in and ready to go by 8:30.

Eeeekkk!! The official Christening of the Kayaks.

Location of choice: Round Island.

Why: It's pretty, it reminds me of the wooded, nature-y areas of the Lake of the Ozarks back in Missouri, and you are pretty much guaranteed to see manatees and dolphins.

No problem with the launch. It was a gorgeous morning with a fabulous light breeze coming off the water.


The jumping fish.

Jumping fish everywhere. Every. Where. Everywhere.

Have I ever mentioned a million times that I'm terrified of fish?

The fish this morning were out of control. It was ridiculous.

If they had even tried to jump in my kayak, you would have seen the Miracle of Addie running on the water to get the crap out of there.

So I just paddled faster to get away from that nonsense.

Gorgeous morning in the coves of the Intercoastal...

Showing off my mad kayaking skills.
No sore arms here, thanks to the insane amount of rowing we do at crossfit seventeen million times a week.

But then....
What the what??

Oh, hello, Mr. Manatee!
We were just gliding along, minding our own business, when we heard this big whooooshhh!!! right next to us.
Just a little ol' manatee coming up for a breather.
By Florida law, you are not allowed to touch the manatee, and you seriously try to avoid them at all cost. But according to the nice Fish and Wildlife Guy we talked to this morning, there's nothing you can do about it if the manatees - who are super-friendly and very curious by nature - come up to you on their own.
You just sit there and pray they don't knock your kayak over and let them do their thing.
He was so fun. This guy went back and forth between Matt and I for a good five minutes, like a puppy.
He would disappear into the water, then pop up right next to us when we least expected it, scaring the pee out of us in the process.
Me: It's just a manatee! A mammal. It won't hurt you.
Matt: Um, a bear is a mammal too, thank you very much.
The puppy/manatee eventually swam off after realizing we were not going to feed him (also illegal, but we've heard they love lettuce), and no kayaks were tipped in the process. Score.
Awesome morning. Now to wash off all the salt water...
Today I love: Kayaks. Water. Manatees. Gorgeous Florida mornings. Coffee. Always the coffee.

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Kara said...

I saw the picture you posted on facebook and wondered the likelihood oh him knocking you over! I bet it was fascinating and scary all at the same time!!

I enjoy your blog :)