11 August 2013

Well, Butter my Biscuit!

Today is a great day.

I've been woken up the past couple weeks by a husband who's first words have been "Guess won again???"

I'm so tired of that question, posed in such an annoying, sing-song sort of way. It makes me want to punch people.

That's why today is such a great day.

The Braves finally lost.

Haha! There's not much MLB love in our house. Cardinal fans and Braves fans are pretty much destined to drive each other crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank south Florida for the overabundance of pollen and humidity that has given me a raging headache for the past week-and-a-half. I've felt so un-motivated to do anything crossfit/paleo related, because every time I stand up I see sparklies and my head starts pounding. Not cool.

However, despite last week's daily headache I still made it to CF three times, and went running two of the other days. Nothing major, just 2-milers here and there. The headache is still hanging around today, which is a little discouraging. Here's to hoping my Tylenol severe migraine decides to finally work.


This week starts half-marathon training for my run in December. I'm starting training a few weeks early just to get back in the habit of running since I haven't put in any serious mileage in about a bazillion years.

I'm doing the St. Jude Half Marathon to help raise money for the kids...if you want to check out my page and my story of why I think this is important, you can check it out HERE. I wouldn't say no to a few donations, either. 100% of the money raised goes back to St. Jude...wonderful cause, if you ask me.

My new running shoes are ready to go! Dog approved and everything.

I'm also branching out in my paleo creations. I love my Primal Cravings cookbook, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new cookbook called Against All Grain.

Primal Cravings is awesome. It's definitely not for the 100% pure paleo people...I've discovered there are hard-core paleoists out there who believe in just eating as natural as possible.

Meat. Vegetables. Healthy fats. Fruits and nuts and seeds. No paleo baking, paleo dressings, paleo casseroles. Because how would the cavemen have access to make things like that?

Also, we can take into consideration paleo vs. primal. The primal school of thought is that dairy is ok, as long as it's grass-fed and as pure as possible. You can't just go and throw a gallon of your skim in your cart...that milk has been over-processed with color and preservatives and sugar added. Do some research and buy as close to the farm as possible.

Pure, unadulterated paleo is amazing if you can do that and stick with it forever and ever. I will be the first person to admit that I get crazy-bored with things like that - I love to bake and create and cook.

Paleo cookies? I'm ok with that. I mean, sure, don't eat the whole pan at once, but allowing one after a five-mile training run isn't going to kill me. And if it does, well, I can think of worse things than death by dark chocolate.

So recipe number one I wanted to try from Primal Cravings was some good ol' simple biscuits. Growing up, I never had biscuits for breakfast. My parents were more of the pancakes, French toast and cereal people. It wasn't until I married my Southern husband that biscuits for breakfast were introduced into my life. I don't want them often, but it's a nice change from the monotony of eggs. Which I don't even like.

For the biscuits, I needed coconut flour and tapioca flour. Coconut flour I have, but I'd never heard of tapioca flour. Completely plant-related, it's a grain-free flour made from the cassava plant.

Luckily, our local Fresh Market had plenty in stock.

Along with several other things I needed, like Vanilla Maple whole coffee beans and fresh, dry-flaked coconut. 

Necessities, people.

So I made the biscuits this morning. Fairly easy (and messy - it's literally all by hand) to make, they baked fast in our gas oven in about 16 minutes.

So pretty.

When you're used to the usual American processed, white-flour diet, things made with new types of flours are going to take a little getting used to.

These biscuits are good, but it took me a couple bites to get used to it. The combo of the coconut and tapioca flours gives the biscuit a sweet, nutty flavor. The exterior of the biscuit resembled one of those pecan sandies - a little bit of crispness that kind of fell apart in your mouth. The inside was chewy, not too dense. Best served with a little grass-fed butter and a drizzle of honey.

I ate it with bacon.


The whole recipe made eight biscuits, so I have plenty left over for breakfast the rest of the week.

Matt did not try one. He was scared.

That's ok. We made tacos on Friday and he didn't know I used mostly ground turkey. Bahahahaha!! He'll find out only if he reads this post...I'm the best wife ever!!!

Today I love: Tylenol Severe Migraine with caffeine, with an extra side of caffeine from my vanilla maple coffee.

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