12 September 2013

Again Tomorrow

Rob is apparently feeling pretty sadistic this week.

Crossfit has been ridiculous.

Monday: Front squats, squat sequences, then handstand push-ups, burpees, run. Multiple times.

Burpees. The bane of my existence.


We had to do three of the "girls."

Isabel - 30 snatches. Annie. 50-40-30-20-10 reps of double-unders and sit-ups.  Fran - 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull-ups.


If we are being realistic and not completely outside our minds, those workouts are typically done one at a time. Separate days. Separate weeks, for that matter.

I almost died. I almost threw up. I had a very hard time maneuvering my steering wheel on my drive home. I spilled all my water down the front of myself because I couldn't lift my arms to get the bottle up to my face.


Wednesday - SO, SO glad it was a rest day, because 1) My abdominal muscles decided they hated me from the day before and decided to boycott any further workouts, and 2) There was no way in hades I was getting on that dang Airdyne. Plus sprints.

Today: Another day of pure insanity. 1000m row....then we're expected to do box jumps, push presses, and wall-balls?

And you all know by now how I feel about wall-balls.

Let's discuss the box jumps.

It's taken me a good five months of Crossfit to even come close to having the courage to jump on the box. I stand there and stare at it, hoping I will just magically float on up there and have it over with.

It's seriously intimidating.

Especially when Rob is staring at you, almost willing you to not do it so he can make you wear shin guards, because, true - out of everyone in the box, you're the one who will probably miss the edge and scrape the crap out of your shins.

Conversation this morning:

Me: "How hard will it be to row with the shin guards on?"
Wendy: "Why are you wearing shin guards?"
Rob, standing there just listening, raises his eyebrows like, "Helllooooo, isn't it obvious??"
Me, pointing to Rob: "Him. That's why."
Wendy, laughing. "Do you want a helmet, too?"
Me: "And elbow pads. And goggles. Probably a couple pillows. I'll be the special kid in gym class today."

In all honesty, Rob and Wendy are awesome. Great trainers who look out for you - safety and proper form is #1. I like that. Even if I have to wear the dang shin guards.

So, shin guards and all, I finished the workout without injuring myself or anyone near me. Bonus.

And yes. My abs are still revolting from two days ago.

Seriously. WHAT THE CRAP was up with Tuesday???

You're also probably wondering why the WODs are named after girls. Most CF workouts have a name associated with them for fallen heroes and military personnel.

As for the girls...

Nice, boys.

But after all that ridiculousness, all the insanity, all the sweat dripping into your contacts and making them burn, you still walk away feeling like you did something great.

While most people are still in bed.

Speaking of tomorrow, I think it's time for another Paleo challenge. Not tomorrow, but I'm thinking about doing it again in the next few weeks or so. I haven't fully gotten back on track since vacation, and I need to rein everything back in.
Last night I really wanted soup and some bread for dinner, and I ended up splitting half a loaf of french bread with the dogs, because with me and bread, I just can't have it in the house or I will eat all of it. ALL OF IT. Uggghhhh. I felt like JUNK afterwards. I started getting shaky, like I do with carbohydrates and my stupid low blood sugar. I can't keep doing that and expect to have good workouts.
So, I'm going to be putting together some better plans in the next few weeks. Anyone want to join me?

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