29 September 2013


Things on my mind. Very random.

It's hard searching for the perfect area rug. We can't do shag because of dog hair. We can't do woven because of dog hair. We can't do dark colors because of dog hair. We can't do light colors because of the occasional dog accident and husband-spilling-Coke-Zero accidents. I give up.

It's time for another Paleo challenge, starting TOMORROW. September 30. I'm not going to incessantly post every day of my menus like I did back in July; weekly updates will be annoying enough. I have some new recipes I want to try (apple & pumpkin egg strata bake for fall, anyone??) and with our new grill/smoker, this time around will be a no-brainer.

The good thing about my last Paleo challenge is that some new habits formed, and stuck. Like no more Splenda. I tried Splenda in my coffee a couple weeks ago just for something sweet and I about passed out. It was nasty. I ended up dumping the cup down the drain and starting over with a good ol' cup of pure black caffeine. Yum.

I won't see my husband again for a few weeks/months/years. Not only is he teaching and working on his Master's and coaching golf, but fall baseball started yesterday. Awesome.

With Matt off coaching baseball all day yesterday, my friend Marilyn and I went out to explore the area. She's lived here awhile and works for the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department, so she knows all of the awesome nature trails and animal hideouts. We went to the Centennial Trail, a really cool conservation area north of Vero that's a great place to explore and see all sorts of different native birds and plants.

The Centennial Trail commemorates one of the nation's very first National Wildlife Refuge in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Right here in Florida. Ten minutes away from my house. Very cool.

I'm such a history nerd.

From Florida Hikes: Pelican Island isn’t just a National Wildlife Refuge, it’s the National Wildlife Refuge that started the whole concept going, back in 1903. Even further back, in 1858, the small island in the Indian River Lagoon – offshore from where the refuge access is today – was documented as a brown pelican breeding ground.

On March 14, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an order to designate Pelican Island as the first Federal bird reservation, the first time ever the government set aside land for wildlife. The National Wildlife Refuge system evolved out of this act, as did our National Parks and National Forests. On March 14, 2003, the Centennial Trail was the centerpiece of a nationwide celebration of the National Wildlife Refuge system.

Easy hike, beautiful scenery.

Each plank of the walkway commemorates a National Wildlife Refuge, in order of year added.

Shout-out to Missouri!

Then we walked a mile or so on the mushy beach sand, allowing me to wake up this morning with aching calves and sore feet. Yay!

Today I love: Natural, non-touristy Florida and dry shampoo that smells like blueberries for my dogs. They are stinky!

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