21 September 2013

No Excuses

I'm back in my hometown of Sullivan, Missouri this weekend for a family wedding. I haven't been back in about 1 1/2 years, so it's been fun seeing what's changed and all the people I've missed.

But geez, Daddy. Really????

First thing: Snuggle with grandpa. 

Then my nieces. 

Then go WOD my butt off because, while I'm trying to stay as paleo as possible, chili mac supreme at Steak n' Shake just had to be ordered. 

I'm so lazy sometimes!!

But vacation is not an excuse to not WOD!!!

So hence, lots of running. Hills. Missouri is full of them, Florida is not.


I forgot all about that.

My friends Natalie and Kyle have a nice little box in Sullivan, and we did a decent WOD this morning with thrusters, pull-ups and running. Lots of running. 

It felt good for so many reasons, despite my uuuuggggghhhhing about the running. 1) Missouri is sooo much cooler than Florida. WOD's in 57 degrees is a little nicer than 90 degrees. No humidity!! and 2) No one is cooking much this weekend, so eating out has been a challenge.

How do you eat out and still be paleo?

Well, for starters, don't go to Steak n' Shake and order the chili mac supreme. With cheese fries.

The good news is that's been my worst mistake so far.

Thursday morning on the way to the airport: Protein shake, pumpkin coffee from DD. Snack on the plane: apple, almonds, cashews, dried coconut. Cracker Barrel Thursday night - grilled chicken salad.

Friday morning: Protein shake, blueberries. Lunch was the Steak n' Shake disaster, but dinner was plain pulled pork, broccoli and salad at my cousin's rehearsal dinner. Not too bad. 

And I have to say, the Walters Family was looking quite amazing last night. 

He's not just hot in baseball pants, people. 


Today: After the WOD, I downed a couple scrambled eggs and bacon x2. The first mess of bacon I made was stolen by my niece who took a whole handful straight off my plate and ran away yelling, "I want soooommmmeeee!!!" Sure thing, kid. You better run. You're lucky I didn't take your hand off.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Stay off my bacon, people.

The rest of the day is wide open. I always tend to be better at staying on track when I do my workouts - energy and motivation to not ruin what I accomplished. But you know what? I'm not going to beat myself up if I have some wedding cake. I'll just get up tomorrow and run some hills again before we fly back to FL.

Maybe. Hills are up there with burpees in my opinion.

But cake. Mmmmmmm.

Today I love: Thrusters and bacon. Thrusters and bacon.

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