22 September 2013


You know when you have to get on an airplane and fly four states away and you don't know when you're going to see your friends and family again and you end up with a massive crying headache? 

That's all I've done today. 

This weekend was awesome and beautiful and sparkly and perfect. 

If my family knows how to do anything right, it revolves around throwing a fabulous wedding. 

The setting: my Auntie Mary Eleanor and Uncle Sam's house. The memories made growing up here...the absolute perfect place to celebrate even more family. 

I think I heard Uncle Sam say the last time a wedding was held here was in 1886 or something. Yes. The 1800's. Horses and carriages. 

Speaking of...

The 19th century has nothing on us. 

And what's a family get-together without the porta-potty tent sponsored by Eaton Funeral Home? 

After all, dad did tell Erin that she was able to go to college from the money made from the little machine in the ladies restroom. So this is fitting. 

The wedding was gorgeous. After living with my cousins Tom and Gretchen for a year during nursing school, their son Jonathan is more like a little brother to me than second cousin. I'm so happy for him and Anne! Gorgeous couple who are definitely going places. 

They have a definite standing invite to come visit any time. Love them!! 

The Eaton-Farrell-Stolte families also get ridiculously ridiculous. It must be all the sets of twins. 

Selfishly enough, one of my favorite parts of the night was dancing with my Daddy to our song - My Girl. We've danced to that song since I was three years old...I'll never get tired of him twirling me around and stepping on my feet. 

All of the single and/or no-kids cousins had our own table...just like when we were nine.  

This grown-up version was a lot more fun. 

My super-adorbs niece had her own idea of fun. 

"Uncle Matt!! Let's go this way!!"

"Now this way!"

"Look, Uncle Matt! Horses!"

"Look, Uncle Matt! Poop!"

Matt: "Look, Adelyn! Soybeans!"

So while Uncle Matt was busy with the children, Erin and I were like, "Look!! A photo booth!!" 

Love me some sister time. 

You should see the pics mom and dad took. Something about red lips and a fireman helmet...I don't want to know. 

So after embarrassing Matt with waaayyyy too much southern-baptist-white-girl dancing, we crashed back at my parents house until the brunch this morning. 

Where the tears started. 

I tried so, so hard not to. 

But I'm a Missouri Girl first and foremost. No matter how much Matt tries to convince me that I really do love 30000 degree temps year-round, well, let's just say the leaves are starting to turn colors and I was able to wear shorts and long sleeves...one of my favorite combos. 

Plus the family...my family is nuts. Crazy. Off-the-wall insane. But I am too. We get each other. We can be ridiculous together. 

So I burst into tears when I hugged my cousin Libby good-bye. I cried in the car on the way to the airport. I cried again when I hugged my parents in the kiss-and-fly zone. I was still crying when we went through security. Again in the Cardinals store by our gate. Again on the plane. 

Matt was starting to get a little concerned. I think he might have even offered to get me another puppy at one point. 

But now we're in the car, driving home from the Orlando airport. It's rainy and overcast, but I'm not crying anymore. After a little more than a year in south Florida, it actually feels like home. I cnt wait to get to the house and see the pups. Get back to work tomorrow. 

Get back to my box. 

First thing I did when we landed? Checked tomorrow's WOD. (I know!!) It's more thrusters, which I'm still crazy-sore from on Saturday after doing CF in Sullivan. 

But this is the first time I really don't care what the workout is. I'm just excited to go see the faces. CF is more than working out. It's a community. 

So while I'm missing my family and friends back in Missouri...as completely cheesy and stupid as this sounds...I'm looking forward to seeing the people who encourage me and motivate me and make me feel like I belong despite the fact I'm not a hometown girl.  

I don't like feeling alone in a new state- like no one knows me because I didn't grow up here- and Crossfit has truly made me feel like this is now home. 

One can only be so blessed to have families - no matter how they look or act - in so many places around the country (here's looking to you too, Alabama!!)

Ugh. I'm so cheesy. I need to go drink a protein shake and lift something heavy. Good grief. 

Today I love: Matt. No matter if we're in Missouri or Florida or Alabama, he's my one constant that sticks with me across the state lines. Whether he wants to or not. Bahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! 

And the fact that the Cardinals clinched their playoff spot. Merry Clinchmas!! 

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