09 March 2010

31 Reasons

This little guy is 31 years old today!
Happy birthday to my dear, sweet husband!
In honor of his 31st birthday, I'd like to share 31 reasons why I love him so much.
Hold onto your hats. This is awesome.
1. When he's in town, he'll stop by my work just to say hi even if he has some place he has to be.
2. He has patience with me in the grocery store. I know his comments of "just pick a can of soup already!" and "that apple looks just like the apple you put down!" are completely made out of love and kindness.
3. He gives me the "I love you" sign when he pulls out of the driveway.
4. He can make me laugh at the most inopportune times. While I'm drinking a soda. While I'm on the phone at work. At church. At my grandmother's funeral. 
5. His dedication to his career is amazing. No shortcuts. He fights for what he wants and believes in what he does. He is an excellent provider for our family.
6. He hugs me every morning when I leave for work and hugs me every evening when I get home.
7. He loves real Christmas trees. Without him, we would not have one. I detest putting up the sappy, sticky things and he is more than happy to do it himself.
8. He does all our laundry and will surprise me by filling my car up with gas.
9. When he volunteers to go out and pick up dinner, he doesn't have to ask me what I want. He just knows.  
10. He can recite every word in the movies "The Sandlot," "Ocean's Eleven" and all of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Well, I kind of love that. But not really.
11. He puts up with my book obsession since it allows him to watch ESPN uninterrupted.
12. He makes an effort to even the scales - if I go to a basketball game with him, he'll turn around and do something I want to do the next time.
13. He's secretly a dog-lover too. I smile when I see him on the recliner with one of the pups curled up in his lap.
14. He totally gets my jokes, which is saying a lot.
15. He loves my hair no matter what color or style it happens to be at any given time.
16. He'll text "I love you so much" to me at random times during the day. That makes me smile.
17. He'll text "That's what she said" to me at random times during the day. That makes me laugh (see #4).
18. When he runs down the street to get himself a Coke Zero from the gas station, he almost always brings back a Diet A&W Root Beer for me.
19. Our fights aren't ever really fights - they are silly arguments that last about .083 seconds and always end in laughter. (It's really difficult to be mad when you're laughing!)
20. He sticks up for me. Not always to the person's face who upset me, but he'll tell me how much I mean to him and remind me not to listen to idiotic people. It makes me feel protected and important.
21. He knows what it means when I'm grumpy.
22. He is the most encouraging person in my life. When he knew I wasn't happy with where my career was going, he whole-heartedly encouraged me to go back to school to be a nurse because he knows how much I want to help people and how unhappy I am sitting behind a desk all day. 
23. He will go toe-to-toe with an umpire to fight against a bad call for his baseball team. He won't back down and he knows how hard he can push without getting kicked out. He's been told to sit down and stay in the dugout, but that's only because he was right and the umpire knew it.
24. He slows down if there is a dog, cat, squirrel or bird in the road because he knows that it means a lot to me if we don't roadkill an animal. At least he does when I'm in the truck.
25. He loves to travel as much as I do. We're always looking for fun places to go and explore.
26. Despite being a picky eater, he'll try new things I cook for dinner. For instance, tofu. Yes, he tried it. And yes, he ended up ordering pizza. But at least he tried.
27. He kisses me on the forehead.
28. He winks at me, even when people are around.
29. If I'm cold, he'll get up in the middle of the night and turn off the fan, even if he's sweating.
30. He is in love with Jesus. He might not show it in a "hands-in-the-air-roll-in-the-aisles" sort of way, but he does show it in how he lives out every moment of his life. He's a great example to me, his co-workers and every single kid that he coaches.
31. I will always, always, until the day I die, love how he looks in his baseball uniform.
Happy birthday Matt!


RCW said...

Happy happy birthday to Matt! I texted him at 7:30 and we will call him with our birthday song soon!
Loved this posted! I hope Matt gets a chance to read it.

Dianne said...

I so love this post. It made me laugh and it made me cry. It made me so thankful for your love and devotion to Matthew. Thanks for sharing these 31 reasons why you love the man I gave birth to just 31 years ago this very day. Today is a warm fuzzy day for me as I celebrate the very special gift that God gave to me and Scott on March 9, 1979. Being Matthew's parents is one of the greatest joys of our life and we are both so very thankful that God smiled on us this way. Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Mel C said...

SO CUTE!! I love it!! :) Hope you guys had a great day celebrating 31 years!! :)