24 March 2010

The Good and Not-So-Good

Why is it, when a perfectly good batter hits a homerun straight over the left field fence, the rest of the team feels the need to give him brain damage the second he touches home plate?
I will never understand the concept of beaning the hitter as a form of congratulations.
And see the nice red dirt? It's new. And it goes particularly well with our white baseball uniforms the day after a monsoon.
All the mothers agree. Clorox stock just jumped.
Our first game went really well, and at the same time, not so good. We played terrific - and that's coming from The Coach himself. He was happy with their overall performance. But as everyone involved in sports knows, just one or two "oops" can break a game really quickly. Our "oops" was getting ourselves into a mess with bases loaded - and some huge bearded high school kid (I personally wanted to see a birth certificate) knocked one straight over the center field fence.
Isn't it curious that grand-slams aren't near as exciting when it's not one of your team's kids that hit it?
Final score: 8-7.
Here comes the Coach's Wife Justification Speech: It was against Dixon. If anyone remembers, we had a perfect season in the fall until our very, very last game. Against - you guessed it - Dixon. The score then wasn't nearly as close as it was last night though. So see? We're better than a couple months ago! Now we just have to win the rest of our games to match our fall stats.
We seriously have a good, good group of kids. They are serious and hilarious, hard-working and crazy all at the same time.
It's gonna be a good year.
Snaps go out to my in-laws who drove seven hours up from Alabama on Saturday, suffered through the disappointment of a rain-out on Monday night and decided to stay for last night's game despite the fact they both had to be at work this morning. I know it meant a lot to Matt to have them there, and I think they feel it was completely worth it to stay...even though they got home at 3:30 am and got about three hours of sleep. That's dedication.
Up next...we're at Waynesville tomorrow night, barring the thunderstorms that are supposed to be headed our way.
It could be worse. We've had snow on Easter before! Welcome to Springtime in Missouri.
Time to break out the Snuggie.



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Mel C said...

I never understood male celebratory rituals... hahaha. Slaps on the head, pats on the butt.. beyond my comprehension. I mean, you would never see a girl do that.... you might mess up their hair. :)

Congrats on the great game, and tell Matt good luck this season!!