22 March 2010

Sunny Day Rainout

It's kinda hard to have a baseball game when we just had two days of straight rain and gloom.
Today is bright, beautiful and warm, but the ground looks like this:
And this:
Not the ideal conditions for the first game of the season. Coach is not really thrilled about this situation.
Me neither. 
I miss my baseball family. Plus, Matt's parents drove more than seven hours to come for the game, and now it's not gonna happen. 
Luckily, we have a shot at another home game tomorrow night, so they might extend their trip. Thank goodness their son likes to schedule four games in the very first week of the season...plenty of opportunities to see the 'cats play. He's not an overachiever or anything.
They (i.e. my in-laws) get pretty dramatic about stuff like this. If they don't see a game there is a chance they might implode. 
Either that, or we'll all implode from the cream cheese brownies that were brought by the house the other night. If you would like to experience a sugar coma, please come by my house and help us finish off the pan.  
Good news: these are completely vegetarian. Therefore I am completely guilt-free. Kind of.
Hopefully I'll have baseball updates tomorrow. And pictures of my man in his baseball pants. 
That's really what I'm excited to see.  

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Michelle said...

Those brownies look too rich. I'm sure they're good, but in my nearly-sugar-free-life for the past 3 months, I am almost sick looking at them.