11 March 2010

Bouncy Dog

You cannot watch this video until you promise me three things:

1. You will ignore the pile of (clean) laundry on the coffee table.
2. You will ignore the fact that "The Office" is (still) on our TV.
3. You will not turn us in for animal cruelty, because this is really, really funny.

This is what we call "Bouncy Dog."

UConn is obviously less than amused...and yet she does nothing about it. That would take too much energy.

It makes me giggle.

Especially when her arm (dogs have arms, right? Leg? Left superior extremity?) starts moving in circles.

Especially when Matt pats her on the nose and then just walks away without looking back.

She looks so confused. And content. And fat.

And before my mother grounds me from ten towns away for the embarrassing state of my living room, here's proof I know how to put my clothes away. And vacuum.

And rearrange the furniture. I do that a lot.

I haven't sat on our couch in years. There's always giant dogs taking up all the room, and it just takes too much energy to move them. Plus, when I try to boss them around, they just roll their eyes, show me their crotches and laugh in my face.

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RCW said...

Ha ha ha! Funny!