27 March 2010


Three things really quickly before I head out the door to run before this rain hits:
1. Baseball Update
So...disregard my last post.
We actually ended up with a win on Tuesday, due to a minor technicality.
Apparently, the opposing team played an ineligible player, causing them to have to forfeit the win.
I don't know all the details - it could be as simple as one of the kids not having the grades to make him eligible to play, or someone might have been benched due to an in-school suspension - or it could have been the beardy kid who smacked the grand-slam and looked like he was 37.
Told you we needed his birth certificate.
In any case, it's now a W in the books. We'll take it.
2. Reigning Queen of Everything Clean
The hospital where I work held a hand-hygiene contest yesterday, and one person from each department was randomly selected to represent their area by demonstrating proper hand-hygiene techniques. I just knew the lucky person from Public Relations would be me.
Yep. Fantastic.
I got called down to where the contest was being held, and I was nervous. I didn't want anyone to know how gross my hands actually are.
So first things first: take off the wedding ring. Lord knows what all's hiding in the crevices of that thing.
We had to put this stuff on our hands - and, in 15 seconds - show how to properly sanitize your hands. The goo they gave us shows up under this really cool blacklight thing...and the not-so-cool part is when the blacklight reacts with the goo and shows where you missed sanitizing.
The one thought going through my mind was something my director always tells us: "Nailbeds! Don't forget to scrub your nailbeds!" Well, I dug in and got those nailbeds.
And I won! And I'm nonclinical!
Not bragging or anything.
I was so excited, along with the rest of my department. The winning prize? A catered lunch from any restaurant of our choice. Very cool.
3. SLU Visit Day
In a few hours, Matt and I will be on the road to St. Louis for SLU's Nursing School Visit Day. We'll get to tour the campus, meet faculty, staff and fellow students, and generally get the rest of the information I'll need to make a smooth transition back into the life of a college student.
People, I'm almost 30. I'm not really prepared to resort back to wearing ratty jeans and pajama pants to class, but let me tell you how excited I am to trade my three-inch heels and dress pants for jeans (my respectable dress jeans from New York and Co) and flats. Possibly even tennis shoes. Maybe a hoodie.
I think that I'll even get to buy my scrubs today (they have to have the SLU School of Nursing logo on them), lab coat and stethoscope today. Right now I feel like I'm playing dress-up for Halloween since it hasn't really hit me yet that I'm going to officially be an RN in about 13 months.
Anyone want to volunteer to help me practice giving shots?
I got to job shadow in our Rad/Onc department earlier this week and loved every minute of it. Working with cancer patients would be hard, but the department is so cheerful and focused on positive, healing actions. On Thursday this next week I'm shadowing in ICU, which might be a little more stressful. We'll see how that goes.
Off to run! Then off to St. Louis! 

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