19 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 27

This morning was my last 5am workout before leaving on vaca!

I’m scared. I’ve literally been working my butt off, and I don’t want to ruin everything.

Why can’t a vacation be an excuse to have all the free time you want to be active instead of being an excuse to be completely gluttonous? 

I think we need to change our mindsets on what a vacation entails, like the fact that work won’t get in the way of a hike, a swim, a run on the beach. Being on vacation doesn’t mean I have an excuse to eat sixteen slices of chocolate cake.

I’m tired of having to play catch-up, whether it be after a weekend or a trip.

I don’t want to be my former self of excuses.

I got a sweet email from my dear friend Tina yesterday – it was a major ego boost, because I honestly don’t’ think I’ve ever been considered inspiration for anyone before. 

Addie, You are an inspiration!  I haven’t been walking very much lately. So what do I do?  Sleep in.  Yesterday I went walking and vowed to continue and to do more than just walk.  This morning I ALMOST shut off the alarm (I did hit snooze twice) and went back to sleep.  I couldn’t go back to sleep though, because I started thinking of what you’ve been doing and how lame I was being and I want to be in better shape than my parents when I’m their age.   So, I got up and went walking.  I’m such a wuss, but you helped me get going today!

Do you have any idea how much that means to me, Tina?

Tina was my walking partner for several years back in Missouri, so just knowing she’s getting up when I’m getting up – despite we’re states away – is awesome.

We started talking about how we don’t want any regrets – we don’t want to be our parent’s age (sorry, mom and dad!!) and look back and realize we should have been doing something now.

I don’t want to be 60 or 70 years old and realize I’ve never been the best version of myself. Ever.

Tina also emailed me a link to a fabulous article on Sparkpeople.com, about being Lazy vs. being a Warrior.

This. Is. Awesome.

My Lazy. That little voice that makes things sound so good. That thing that makes the bad decisions sound a little less, well, bad. Have you met your Lazy? That creature that tells you it'd just be easier to eat that cupcake on the counter than chop up the fruit in your crisper? That evil little being that says twenty more minutes in bed will feel so much better than a 2 mile jog?

I've listened to my Lazy for way too long. My Lazy got me to 265 pounds. My Lazy had me creeping towards diabetes and heart disease, high cholesterol and a shorter life span. My Lazy needs to be a little less, well, lazy. My Lazy hasn't liked me the past several mornings. My Lazy tried to get me to roll over when the alarm went off.

My Lazy has been defeated with hikes, jogs and core exercises at 5:30am for the past week. My Warrior is enjoying a winning streak. My Warrior has gotten me out of bed and into my workout gear. My Warrior has gotten me outside for hikes and jogs and back inside for stretching and core work. My Warrior has been kicking my Lazy's butt. My Lazy has been left in the dust, wounded and disappointed. My Warrior is triumphant. 

You can have all the support in the world. A top notch personal trainer. Kids who want to cheer you on. Family and friends who revel in your accomplishments. What you really need to find is your Warrior. My Lazy is a loud one, I tell ya. The attention seeker. The drama queen. My Warrior? Just a quiet voice inside. I found that I just needed to block out the rowdy noise to listen a little more closely so I could focus on my Warrior. 

I’ve had plenty of years being a Lazy.

Now, I’d rather be a Warrior.

Who’s with me?

Split Jerk 5×1
Front squat 5 x 3 @ 78%; follow each set immediately with 3 box jumps
3 x max effort ring dips (for reps)

AMRAP in 6 of -
50 double-unders
10 Shoulder-to-overhead (push press, press or jerk) 135/95
2 rope climbs


Breakfast: Roobios tea, bacon, scrambled egg

Lunch:  Pork with pineapple, baby tomatoes

Snack: Celery and almond butter

Dinner: The last of the Roast Part II. We’re getting down to the bare minimum in the fridge since we don’t want to have anything sitting in there while we’re gone.

Today I love: Hot tea with honey, despite it's 600% humidity and five bazillion degrees outside. 

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