09 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 17

The only things interesting in my life today consist of:

1. I’m planning on going to bed before the sun goes down tonight and

2. The tropical storm headed towards us. Is it bad that I really want a rainy weekend so I can chill and start packing for our trip to St. Lucia? And color my hair? And sleep? 

Cause you all know as soon as I pack, I’ll unpack and repack 500 more times.

Sigh. I want new clothes.

Speaking of St. Lucia, which is in less than two weeks, I need to step up my game. More sweat. More lifting. I want to go feeling confident and happy, not fatty-mcfat-fat and blah.

So it’s a good thing it was time to set our third-quarter CF goals today. I’ll be honest – I did NOT reach last quarter’s goals. I was brand-new to CF when I set mine, and didn’t really realize the intensity and style of the workouts.

I didn’t understand what I was getting into.

Now I do, and I’m addicted.

My third-quarter goals are a little more realistic this time around. I’m bound and determined to do a rope climb.

And I’ve already mastered one double-under at a time…now I just need to be able to string them together.

Double-under elbows:

I also almost completely forgot that I signed up awhile back for the St. Jude's Half Marathon in December...so I guess training for that needs to start sometime in August or September as well. 

Sigh. I need new running shoes. 


Breakfast - Black coffee, Sausage & Egg Bake, bacon

Lunch - Chicken Salad, baby tomatoes, cherries. I’m SO SICK of my chicken salad already. I need new lunch ideas!

Dinner - Leftover roast. Again. I’m so in love with this. It’s almost gone, and I really, really want to make another one.  

Snack – I’m gonna curl up in bed in about five minutes with a green apple and almond butter…and my Kindle.


Back squat 5×1 @ 90% (100# for me)
Front Squat – Find your 1 rep max. (85# baby! Previous PR was 60# last month.)

For time -
21-15-9 reps of
Shoulder-to-overhead (press, push press or jerk) 135/95

I'm not going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

Paleo Website of the Day: Steve's Paleo Kits. I really, really want to try some of these. 

CrossFit Website of the Day: WOD Addiction. Because it is. 

Today I love: Unsweet iced tea and cold, crisp green apples. 

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