21 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 29

While on Pinterest last night, I subconsciously bypassed the Gooey Salted Caramel Brownie Cake recipe in favor of the Dairy-Free, Grain-Free, Naturally Sweetened Strawberry Tartlet.

I went straight for the strawberries without even realizing what I was doing.

I’ve never passed up cake. Or caramel. Or anything with brownie in the title. But for some reason, it just sounded too…gooey to me. Too sweet. Too overindulgent.

I’ve become addicted to fruit, and throwing strawberries into a tart? I think this is another recipe to add to the Yes, Please Try Me Now list.

Now I want strawberries, and our fridge is empty.

We stopped by Target yesterday to get some last-minute vacation things and to pick out a few snacks for the plane.

What actually ended up happening is Matt dragging me out of the store because I just stood in the aisle of food staring at everything, unable to make up my mind.

It was like sensory overload for a five-year-old.

So many things were going through my head: Do I want the Cinnamon Toast Crunch because my challenge will be over? No. It looks gross. Do I want my favoritefavoritefavorite salt & vinegar chips because my challenge will be over? No. Gag. Nothing looked good despite the fact I felt like it was ok to loosen up a bit. And let me tell you, I never pass on dry cereal. Before this challenge, dry cereal was one of my favorite snacks. And chips. And cookies. And everything else.

So after waiting on me to make up my mind for roughly 16 hours, Matt had enough. He rolled his eyes, grabbed my arm and said, "You're never going to make up your mind. Let's just go."

And I was happy for it. My stress level disappeared. And now I'm packing baggies of almonds and dried cranberries from the stash I already have in the cabinets at home.

Maybe some dark chocolate to go with it? Cocoa beans are paleo.... 

On a completely different subject, you know how I mentioned yesterday that we have a new developer building on the rest of the lots in our subdivision? We met with his designer yesterday because our house desperately needs repainted, and we wanted to see what colors they had picked out for the new houses.

They have a stormy, oceany blue I think we're going to go with. So. So. Pretty!! The white would be the trim and shutter color, and the dark blue would be the front door. 

The designer was really nice, and she remembered us from our HOA meeting last week. We ended up talking for awhile, and I sent her a little thank-you email for taking the time to show us the paint samples.

I got this reply a few hours later:

Thanks Addie, so nice of you to say that. I'm going to find the quietest old people to buy a home next to you! LOL!

Matt may have told her that if I could move into a retirement village where the minimum age is 65 and everyone goes to bed at 9pm, I would jump at the chance. He also mentioned that I’m a hospice nurse and love the older people.

I think he even told her my favorite color and when I got my first kiss. Sheesh. Share much?

But sadly, it’s true. I’m 32 going on 82.

Oh, sweet peace and quiet, I love you so much.

And if anyone’s counting, I’ve packed and repacked four times. I thought my big suitcase would be too big, therefore giving me room to bring home souvenirs. Now I’m just hoping I can fit all my shoes in. Cramming my toothbrush in there is a major struggle at this point.

Again, sigh.

So now we’re getting ready to leave for Miami. Dog Sitter Cindy has touched base and is ready to come take care of the kiddos. I downloaded four more books to my Kindle to replace the three I’ve already read. Toes are freshly painted a wicked shade of pink. 

Mine, not Matt’s. He’s weird about that stuff.

I’m honestly not sure what my meals will look like today since the fridge is cleaned out. Bacon for breakfast but no eggs, since we finished those off yesterday. Coffee. Possibly a tuna packet with the rest of my baby tomatoes. Maybe a drive-through salad with grilled chicken and no cheese. I've fallen in love with oil and vinegar dressing, and the thought of ranch makes my tummy hurt.

I know!! I'm turning into a freak.

Speaking of, I did do 100 squats, sit-ups and jumping jacks in the kitchen while I was waiting for my bacon to cook this morning. I think I scared the dogs. 

I just know that tomorrow is Day 30, and I want to make the best choices possible as I finish up this challenge.

Tomorrow’s plan is to wake up, do a little workout, take my final measurements and post my last post - and then I’m going to be completely offline and away from my phone for seven days of awesomeness.

And you get a break from me flooding your inbox/facebook/twitter with these incessant posts!!

Today I love: My puppy airplane squishy pillow. My mommy got him for me, and he's adorable and comfortable. 

Maybe I'm 32 going on 12...

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