06 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 14

I did it!

A holiday weekend with no cheating.

No cake, no pie, no cheez-its. 

I think this was the first holiday in my entire life I didn't over-indulge. I stayed 100% paleo, and seriously, I did it with the help of family who kept asking me about paleo eating, told me they were following this blog, or just flat-out saying "Addie can't have that!" 

And no one raided my stash of bacon. 

I appreciate that part the most. 

We left the lake this evening and headed out to dinner with some sweet Alabama friends we haven't seen since Christmas.

I requested we go somewhere that I could get a big 'ol freaking steak. 

I heart red meat. 

We went to Logan's...the Logan's that is known for their amazing rolls that they will keep bringing to the table until you fall into in a yeast-and-butter induced coma.

The best thing I've discovered on this paleo challenge is to let everyone in on what you're doing. Mostly for accountability. 

More so for the fact they will absolutely make sure you don't get a roll or a Diet Coke. 

Here's what I've had today: 

Breakfast: Sausage & Egg bake, bacon, black coffee

Lunch: Pineapple chili, apple and almond butter

Dinner: Logan's Roadhouse - New York Strip, grilled mushrooms, grilled veggie skewer, plain sweet potato. 

So good! And lots of leftovers for my father-in-law. 

Then, everyone decided to go for frozen yogurt, which, of course, is not paleo. 

Matt decided it would be fun to rub it in. 

Can't you just feel the love?

We're heading back to Florida in the morning...a fun 12 hour trip made even longer by gaining an hour when we get back into our eastern time zone. 

That means it's bedtime for this girl!

Today I love: Spending time with friends and my in-laws! I'm going to miss them. 

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Dustin Gross said...

Congrats! You have more will power than i do when it comes to those rolls. Keep up the good work!!