16 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 24

I need to apologize to my coworkers today.

I usually don’t walk into work looking like a hot mess, but after this morning’s deadlifts and push-ups, I had a tiny bit of difficulty lifting my hairdryer.

Reason #826 why it’s good to be an RN: Ponytails every day, people.


Overhead squat: 1 x 1 @ 80% of max snatch
2 x 2 @ 65% of max snatch

Back squat 5 x 3 @ 75%; follow each set immediately with 3 box jumps

21-15-9 reps, for time:
Deadlift (225 lbs / 155 lbs)
Handstand push-ups (regional standards, hands within 36″, head to ground)

I haven’t mastered the handstand push-ups yet, so my modification includes using one of the box jump boxes as my base – the goal is to use your shoulders for these, rather than your arms.

It hurts.

But it’s the good kind of hurt, like, my-arms-are-burning-but-I-just-did-a-gazillion-deadlifts-and-pushups-while-most-everyone-I-know-is-still-sleeping.


On a paleo note, I got an interesting email this morning from Robb Wolf (I get his email updates, it’s not like we’re BFF’s and he's sending me private emails or anything) that made me think about what will happen after this 30 Day Challenge is over.

Robb is hardcore. He makes a lion look like a vegetarian. He’s meat, vegetables, healthy fats. No paleo pancakes, muffins…nothing “paleotized” like in all my cookbooks. Just good ole’ clean eating.

There’s definitely something to be said for that. I’m all for it – right now, it's just not something I think could keep my interest for long…unless I could hire a private chef to keep things mixed up for me. But I do understand – and completely agree with – his approach.

Read the entire article. It's fantastic. 

Robb definitely kicked me in the butt this morning – how did he know what I was thinking? He's in my head! Here’s an excerpt of his article that made me feel particularly guilty:

Really, how the heck do you quantify this stuff? I liken it to those people (you know who you are) that are paleo during ‘challenges’ or for 21 or 30 day chunks at a time and then they go completely off the reservation until the next round. Sure, during that challenge period you feel good, your body comp starts changing and you have more energy than General Electric’s headquarters – but the entire time you’re thinking about what you’re going to ‘treat’ yourself to at the end of this little game.

How did he KNOW the first thing I’m running to on Monday is a Diet Coke??

Now, however, I’m not so sure I will. 

I KNOW!!! We’ll be on vacation! How can I still be paleo?? I was honestly looking forward to pizza and pasta and coffee with sweet things in it, but now I’m rethinking everything. 

Everything. I’m seeing results, and I want to keep seeing results.

Robb continued: 

I mean yeah, I know, they taste good – but seriously, is the pain and suffering really worth it? And did you know that one ‘off-road’ can set you back MONTHS in terms of gut healing, health and disease management?  Yeah, it’s not just a two or three day misery fest but it can undo a lot of healing and hard work pretty damn quickly.

I don't want to be set back MONTHS. I've been working my butt off to get this far!!

So, am I telling you that you have to eat STRICT paleo with zero treats 100% of the time?  YES!  Okay, I’m just kidding, but you were scared, huh? I’m not saying you can never have anything that’s not a meat, vegetable or healthy fat – but if you don’t have an iron gut and know that you have adverse reactions to gluten, dairy, soy, etc., or if your gut or health in general aren’t where they should be then you need to be careful.

Now, if you’re not reaching your goals, getting lean, kicking @** and taking names in the gym, etc. – you may want to rethink the 80/20. If you really want to see your abs, it might mean no ‘cheats’ for a while and you need to understand, that when you do stray from the meat and veggie routine that it’s going to set you back.

Well. There you go.

I also read through a couple more of his articles (Am I Losing Enough Weight is another good one) and realized I also need to cut back on my major fruit addiction if I want to see faster results. No more apples the size of my head for awhile. You don’t cut fruit out all together, just don’t eat it with every meal and for every snack.

I have less than one week left of my challenge (sorry, Robb! I know how you feel about challenges now!), and I need to tighten the reigns as I head towards the finish.

Sad, but true. I love you, cupcakes. 


Breakfast – Coffee, bacon, eggs

Lunch -  Meatballs, red pepper slices, celery sticks, almond butter

Dinner – Stroganoff with spaghetti squash

Today I love:  The buy one get two free deal going on at the Bass Outlet right now. Matt was somewhat not himself yesterday when he kept asking, “What shoes do you want? Anything else you want to get?”

WHAAAATTTTT??? Where did my husband go? I was obviously more than happy to take him up on his offer, but at the same time I was a little scared. I’m the only one in this household who can blatantly disregard our budget. Who’s gonna keep me in line now?

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