20 July 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 28

As of 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I am officially on vacation!

Which means my brain is empty.

I don’t really have too much motivation to write anything right now. We’re pretty much cleaning, packing and running errands all day today.

So. Exciting.

I would rather nap and sleep and nap again.

Why is it that the day before you are officially on vacation, it seems like the world falls apart?

Yesterday was my most chaotic day at work ever. 60+ miles put on my car between six visits, two of which were to the same patient.

So at 4:30, I turned off my work phone, turned in my paperwork that is due while I’m gone, and pretty much skipped out of the office. Matt and I celebrated the start of our vaca by going to Outback for dinner, my current paleo restaurant of choice.

It’s amazing how fabulous a regular little steak and salad tastes after not being able to find a time to stop and have lunch earlier in the day.

We’re leaving for Miami tomorrow since our flight to St. Lucia is fairly early on Monday. I’ve heard absolute horror stories about flying out of MIA, so we’re going down early just to make sure we have plenty of time to park and find our gate.

Plus, you all know Miami terrifies me. I’m just so not cool enough for that city. I think you need to be a Victoria’s Secret model just to get into half the restaurants. Or walk on the streets. Or breathe the air.

Our hotel is only 0.5 miles from the airport, so I can pretty much stay in my little cocoon of safety without venturing out too much. The hotel has restaurants, a pool and a fitness center, so I really don’t need much else.

You know what’s pretty cool though?

Our subdivision – which was unfinished when we bought our house last year – is being finished by another developer who came in and bought the remaining empty lots. We love this developer and actually looked at a couple of their homes when we were in the process of buying. They are really good and will most definitely add to our property values,

Anyway, they have pictures of our neighborhood on their website and I was looking through them this morning. I know we’re roughly five miles from the ocean, but these pictures make it look so much closer than that.

So we're leaving our beaches for the beaches of St. Lucia. 

I know. We're weird. 


Breakfast: Scrambled egg, bacon, coffee

Lunch:  Last of the leftover roast, pineapple

Dinner: Not sure yet. We’re down to the bottom of the fridge…might just have an apple and almond butter and call it a night. Like I said…exciting.

Today I love: My green bottle of Mr. Clean with Gain. It makes the house smell so clean, even if it’s not. 

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